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Slide valves
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Vortex roller gate provides solution for uk flour miller
Vortex roller gate provides solution for uk flour miller
A flour miller in the United Kingdom had experienced problems with its existing valves located on the outlet of their bulk storage silos. The valves, used to isolate the silos from an ongoing conveyor, leaked material and failed to fully open and close. They required constant maintenance and replacement parts with subsequent lost production. The new valves had to be specifically designed to match the opening, bolt hole pattern, and overall height of the existing valves to minimize plant downtime during installation. Vortex was able to achieve all of the required parameters. The Vortex Roller Gate was identified as the ideal solution for this application. The Roller Gate is designed for handling powders, pellets and granules in gravity flow and low-pressure applications. Features: The Vortex Roller Gate has a number of key features and benefits including: •Positive seal of dust and fine powders. •No exposed moving parts. •Wear-compensating hard polymer seals. •Seals
13-05-2020  |  1358x  |  Product news  |   | 
Clear Action Gate Handling Rice, Wheat and Corn
Clear Action Gate Handling Rice, Wheat and Corn
A global pharmaceutical company was looking for a gate to shut off and control the flow of different ingredients into a dry blender. But the gate needed to adhere to the company’s specifications. • The slide gate must provide a positive seal of materials across the gate and to atmosphere. • All metal and polymer materials of construction must be health compliant. • The slide gate must be able to limit initial material flow as the gate is opened, so that downstream equipment is not “flooded.” • The gate’s inlets and outlets must match with existing equipment. The solution was to install a Vortex Clear Action Gate with a Variable Position Open (VPO) assembly. In addition to a superior material seal across the gate and to atmosphere, the Clear Action Gate “self cleans” its seals on the closing stroke. Traditional slide gates jam and pack material into an end seal upon closure. Alternatively, the Clear Action Gate does not seat into an end seal. This reduces potential
16-01-2019  |  2974x  |  Product news  |   | 
Vortex Assist in a Coffee Roasting Plant
Vortex Assist in a Coffee Roasting Plant
Several years ago, Vortex Global was approached by a systems group to discuss a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) opportunity. This particular systems group specializes in the design and construction of roasters and other coffee processing systems. Typically, this systems group would construct their own simple gate valves for use in their coffee roasting systems. But after attending an exhibition where Vortex products were on display, they became interested in Vortex design. In particular, they were impressed with the Orifice Gate. With that, the systems group contacted Vortex to request a trial order of Vortex Orifice Gates, to be integrated within their coffee roasting systems. Quantity: 2 Vortex Orifice Gates • Size: 200 mm • Designed for indoor service • Gate body constructed from painted carbon steel • Gate blade & material contact areas constructed from 304 stainless steel • Flange gasket constructed from food-grade white neoprene • Stainless
17-12-2018  |  3157x  |  Product news  |   | 
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