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Semi-automatic filling of big bags
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Semi-automatic filling of big bags

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New containment system for big bag filling
New containment system for big bag filling
J. Engelsmann AG, the leading provider of processing technology for the bulk solids industry, has developed a new connection system that can be used to fill big bags easily and securely under containment conditions up to OEB 4. Containment is complex Containment systems are very complex and as such are often complicated to operate and therefore prone to operating errors. Operating errors must be avoided at all costs when handling potentially harmful substances. Incorrectly connected big bags can, in a worst-case scenario, lead to a break in containment. For this reason, J. Engelsmann AG has developed a range of products for containment applications that prevents exactly this. The SmartCon connection system wins over users with its simple and intuitive operability. Now the SmartCon range, which could previously only be used for emptying, has been expanded to include a big bag filling version. Avoid operating errors In order to minimize the risk of operating errors,
15-06-2021  |  101x  |  Product news  | 
Customized solution for filling Big Bags with baby milk powd
Customized solution for filling Big Bags with baby milk powd
Global demand for premium-quality baby milk powders is rising, and milk production in Europe is expected to increase due to the elimination of milk quotas in the EU. This will create opportunities for European milk powder producers. Dinnissen has now developed an innovative technology specifically for the purpose of filling Big Bags hygienically in clean rooms in order to control the end quality of the production process and extend the shelf life of the final product. The new concept focuses on optimizing and maintaining the cleanliness of the clean rooms, implementing extra hygienic measures during the filling process, and preventing contamination via pallets. The process of filling Big Bags with baby milk powder starts with ensuring that the clean room is ultra clean and remains ultra clean. The Big Bag filling concept created by Dinnissen therefore starts by ensuring that dirt-sensitive pallets are kept out of the clean room. During the filling process, Big Bags
09-09-2014  |  7095x  |  Product news  | 
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