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Seals, sleeves
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New: Flexible connectors with Tri-clamp coupling LFR flexible connectors
New: Flexible connectors with Tri-clamp coupling
LFR flexible connectors Our new LFR conector is a flexible connection that includes a tri-clamp coupling. Pressing SS316 ferrules onto the sleeve makes the entire connection air-tight and creates a smooth flow profile. For the first time the high quality of the tri-clamp coupling and the high quality of our flexible connectors can be combined to a hygenic, dust- and airtight connection. All standard tri-clamp sizes are possible, starting at 56 mm. - ISO - DIN - BS (British Standard) - ASME BPE However, deviating tri-clamp sizes can often also be assembled. You can choose from a wide variety of flexible materials. Almost all types of rubbers and plastics are possible. As is our latest flexible transparent antistatic foodgrade Poly Urethane film. There are many different options for ATEX, food grade and chemical applications.
28-04-2010  |  8264x  |  Product news  | 
Antistatic transparent foodgrade flexible connectors, Filcoflex Filcoflex & ATEX
Antistatic transparent foodgrade flexible connectors, Filcoflex
Filcoflex & ATEX Antistatic Poly Urethane flexible connectors. There has long been a demand for antistatic flexible connectors wich are approved for contact with food. There were already plastics and rubbers sorts available with these properties, but never without a some disadvantages. These materials were often very stiff, dark or not permanently antistatic in a dry environment. Also, the transparent colour of poly urethane could not be combined with antistatic properties. Filcoflex B.V. and Euromanchetten & Compenatoren B.V. have long been looking for a material in which these requirements can best be provided, without the disadvantages. And in 2010 we are glad to introduce two different PU films wich both can provide the following: - Permanent Antistatic in a dry environment - Transparent - Suitable for food contact - Great flexibility - Great abrasive resistance - Great durability - A very high elongation and tear resistance - Able to handle any size and shape due
27-04-2010  |  8107x  |  Product news  | 
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