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Screw conveyors with progressing pitch
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Screw feeder design Proper feeding through well designed pitch increase
Screw feeder design
Proper feeding through well designed pitch increase A screw feeder is a screw that is mounted directly under the opening of a hopper. The product in the silo therefore rests on a part of the screw, and the screw flights are filled completely. This is a clear difference with a transport screw or screw conveyor, where the product is fed with a capacity that is smaller than the capacity of the screw. A screw feeder is used a lot for the feeding of powders from a (wedge shaped) hopper. The reasons for this are: * an even withdrawal of the powder is well possible, resulting in mass flow. * the screw is closed, so there is no risk of pollution of the powder or surroundings. * proper feeding is possible, in a broad range of capacity. * the life of the screw; a wear resistant type is possible. * the screw can be made well resistant against for example high temperature, aggressive environment, etc. Working Principle In a screw transport depends on the friction between product and 1) screw blade, 2) trough
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Design of a screw feeder Correct designed pitch for optimum performance
Design of a screw feeder
Correct designed pitch for optimum performance Design of a screw feeder At the design of a screw feeder the goal is to let the capacity increase evenly over the length of the screw. The design procedure is as follows: ∑ the wall friction of the product on trough and screw blade and the internal friction of the product are measured. ∑ the capacity profile around the maximum pitch is calculated. On the basis of this value the maximum applicable pitch is fixed. ∑ the desired capacity and this pitch now determine: number of revolutions, screw diameter and core diameter at the discharge. ∑ The increase of the capacity per length of screw is fixed now. The filling in of core diameter and pitch can start. ∑ The core diameter at the start of the screw is chosen. For short screws this may be the same as the diameter at the discharge, but mostly a bigger core has to be chosen. The minimum pitch is calculated. ∑ The starting value of factor Z is chosen, in combination with the ístickinessí of the product. The
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