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Rotary feeders
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DMN Westinghouse AL 250 Dairy MZC stainless steel ”quick-clean” rotary valve for sale at Surplus Select
DMN Westinghouse AL 250 Dairy MZC
stainless steel ”quick-clean” rotary valve for sale at Surplus Select product contact parts of stainless steel 316, ”quick-clean” valve execution, air purge shaft seals, the rotor can be easily and safely taken out of its housing and turned manually, this makes it simple to do an inspection or clean (wet) the rotor at all sides, inlet and outlet 250 mm, installation height 450 mm (flange/flange) Product no.: 23.192A2821 Visit our website for a complete overview of our used machinery in stock. Surplus Select is partner for the fluids and solids processing industry in CSR/re-use.
15-09-2015  |  9133x  |  Product news  | 
VDL HT-450 Rotary valve with a larger capacity
VDL HT-450 Rotary valve with a larger capacity
To meet the demand for rotary valves with a larger capacity, VDL Industrial Products has introduced the HT-450. This HT-450 Rotary Valve offers possibilities for applications under cyclones or for separators and is optimally applicable in situations in which in particular larger parts (for example, shredded particles from plastic or wood) should be transported. The HT-450 has a gross capacity of about 35 liters/revolution and combines simplicity and ease of maintenance with robustness. This valve has a cast iron housing and is equipped with a rotor with 8 chambers, ball bearing shaft and a direct-mounted flanged gear motor. By default, the HT-450 rotary valve is equipped with a steel rotor with steel or Vulkollan blades, a gear motor 1.1kw with 25 revolutions/minute, brand: NORD or SEW and is painted in the colour RAL 5009. Also in this new model, we offer tailor-made options and versions, such as various treatments of the housing and different drive possibilities.
29-10-2013  |  8086x  |  Product news  |   | 
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