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Radar level meters
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Rice Lake Weighing Systems Europe B.V. (Master Engineering)
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Fluidwell Instruments launches the Guidense Continuous Guided Level Radar with point level detection
Fluidwell Instruments launches the Guidense
Continuous Guided Level Radar with point level detection Fluidwell Instruments launches the Guidense, a robust guided wave radar (GWR) for continuous level measurement and point level detection in liquids and solids. The Guidense TDR100 is equipped with an active analog and a digital control output. As all Fluidwell products, the Guidense is very easy to install and user-friendly to configure. It can be used with any of the F-Series and D-Series level indicators and controllers. Within the Guidense family a Smart sensor is also available! Together with the M844 Data Acquisition and Communication Module from ProcessMonitor, you can easily read, modify, store and analyze all process parameters from anyplace, anywhere, anytime using a web browser. Best price-performance ratio in the market! “The Guidense is your first and best choice when it comes to reliable level measurement. ”, says Ronald Zijdel, Product Manager of Fluidwell Instruments in the Netherlands. “The Guidense guided wave radar is the multi-applicable alternative
06-10-2014  |  3222x  |  Product news  | 
Master Engineering introduces Hawk Microwave Level switch!
Master Engineering introduces Hawk Microwave Level switch!
Master Engineering, from Ede, Holland, introduce a Microwave Level switch from Hawk at the Dutch Market, based on the Sender / Receiver system. The system is sending pulse wise a micro glove to the receiver. When the signal is disturbed by the product in the silo or bin, a contact will be high. The large advantage of the system is the fact that it placed outside the silo or bin, so it doesn’t have problems by the product it selves. The delivery program of Master Engineering consists more: belt scales, dosing belts, screw weigh systems, impact flow meters, bin weigh systems, batch systems, moisture measurement, volume measurement, flowmeter pneumatic transport, flow-no-flow detection, metal detection.
15-11-2007  |  6348x  |  Product news  | 
LOKE laser level transmitter
LOKE laser level transmitter
The LMC-F-0050-1 is an opto-electronic level measuring module for industrial application like tank level measurement. The module operates on basis of non-contact comparative phase measurement with amplitude modulation. The laser diode (cw operation) has a divergence of 0.6 mrad for measurement with pinpoint accuracy. The measured result is available on the RS 232 / RS 422 data interface. Optional also Profibus, Canopen, Ethernet or WLan Interface are available. A digital switching output (second as option), an analogue 4..20mA output and optional a Profibus output is also available. The sensor alignment can be easily achieved with the help of the red pilot laser. The Measuring range is on any natural surface between 0,2 to 30m, for 30 to 100m it depends on the surface reflectivity coefficient.
12-04-2007  |  4670x  |  Product news  | 
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