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Process control, instrumentation
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Weight Indicators, series 1020 A new range for trade applications
Weight Indicators, series 1020
A new range for trade applications New weight instruments must have more functions and features, be smaller and offer more value for money. PENKO responds to this with a new product range, type 1020. The instruments are suitable for automatic as well non automatic applications, including those for trade. They are a perfect interface between load cells and systems for data processing, control systems etc. Moreover there are four models, certified where applicable, for belt weighing, force measurement, filling machines and check weighing. The unique PENKO way of measuring high speed 1600 conversions/s, and high internal resolution, 24 bits, guarantees a fast and accurate data transfer and/or cut off. These characteristics allow application of the instruments for static and dynamic weighing as well as for fast applications such as filling and check weighing. As a standard, all models are provided with USB to facilitate set-up and back-up functions. Additional models include RS232, RS485/422, Ethernet, CANBUS
11-06-2014  |  7780x  |  Product news  | 
New heat-resistent feed roller For an optimized pelletizing process
New heat-resistent feed roller
For an optimized pelletizing process Automatik Plastics Machinery launches the new elastomer feed roller EL 24 for pelletizing systems with temperature resistance up to 170°C. This elastomer feed roller is especially designed to meet high demands in terms of abrasion and thermal loading. It has a higher thermal load capacity compared to conventional rollers in use. The EL 24 also offers better frictional resistance and compression behavior than conventional elastomer feed rollers. The new roller is also easy to be recognized due to its white color. In addition, and important for the semiconductor industry, it is also silicon-free. In compounding and masterbatch processes, feed rollers are exposed to various materials. The products are soft, brittle, abrasive and/ or very hot. Demands on the feed rollers are very high, particularly in relation to abrasive materials incorporating reinforcers such as fiber-glass or high temperature additives. Besides that, feed rollers are also subject to continuous
05-09-2013  |  5298x  |  Product news  | 
SIL3 flame monitors ALL DURAG flame monitors for permanent operation have SIL3
SIL3 flame monitors
ALL DURAG flame monitors for permanent operation have SIL3 Following the product families of the compact flame monitors D-LX 200 and D-LX 100, TÜV Süd Industrie Service have now also confirmed that the separate design DURAG flame monitors fulfil the requirements for permanent operation up to SIL3. With the product families D-LE 103, D-LE 603, D-GT 800, D-UG 120, and D-UG 660 now all DURAG GmbH flame monitors for permanent operation are confirmed with SIL3. Also for the separate design devices (flame sensor and control unit) this high SIL level was achieved with a proof test interval of 15 years. An important basis for the good rating is the two channel design of the DURAG control units which is already used for more than 20 years. The two channel architecture of the devices ideally unifies high safety together with high availability.
11-04-2013  |  7464x  |  Product news  | 
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