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Loss-in-weight feeders (LIW / LWF)
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Product news

establish product type and flow behavior Classify with Feeder Scout
establish product type and flow behavior
Classify with Feeder Scout How do you make someone explain the properties of the bulk material when it is practically not measurable data such as product type and flow behavior? In order to select the right knowledge of a product feeder is indispensable. In addition to matters such as bulk density, particle size, temperature, pressure and dosing are mainly the product type and the flow behavior essential data. The product type and flow behavior are difficult to classify in practice; this are not specify any standards. What calls the n powder, calls the other grain. What is a normal flowing product in the perception of one producer, is the other manufacturer with a very good running product and so we can still mention a few examples. Feeder Scout as a tool for classifying product type and flow behavior The online program Feeder Scout is a simple tool to classify product type and flow behavior and capture. Thus it easier to select the correct feeder. Moreover, it is thus possible to communicate
17-10-2016  |  3074x  |  Product news  | 
Brabender Technologie solves the problem of fibre feeding Innovative feeding of natural fibres, wood fibres, long carbon fibres and film chips
Brabender Technologie solves the problem of fibre feeding
Innovative feeding of natural fibres, wood fibres, long carbon fibres and film chips With its new fibre feeder, Brabender Technologie is breaking new ground in the feeding of long and uneven fibres. While conventional feeders used to be restricted to short and compact bundles of fibres such as glass fibres, for example, the new feeder is now capable of accurately metering natural fibres, wood fibres, long carbon fibres and film chips. New fields of application As one of the main fields of application, the new fibre feeder can be used for shredded film strips. These are waste materials from plastic film production processes, where the film edges are cut off by film edge trimmers. This results in 10-30 % of unspoilt material, further utilisation of which has until now been difficult. The new feeder allows to refeed the remnants back into the production process as film chips so that they can be recycled. This saves resources and optimises the production process. Feeding of natural fibres is another field of application. The fibre feeder is capable
13-09-2016  |  3992x  |  Product news  | 
Extended Cycle Time at Highest Accuracy
Performance of Loss in Weight Feeders depends on accuracy, linearity, stability, drift and quantity of raw material in the hopper. Weigh modules with MonoBloc Technology meet these requirements perfectly. Improve performance of your equipment with high resolution weigh modules which will expand time of uninterrupted operation at the highest accuracy. The performance of feeders range from 100g up to 50,000 kg per hour. The accuracy ranges from 0.25 to 1 %. The maximum achievable accuracy depends on the properties of the material being dispensed. A characteristic of loss in weight feeders is the cyclical change between controlled gravimetric dispensing and uncontrolled volumetric dispensing during refilling. The uncontrolled volumetric dispensing during refilling has to be kept as brief as possible in order to achieve accurate results. An suitable electronic feeder control and a conveyor, which fits to the material properties of the dispensed product, can strongly
04-04-2011  |  5184x  |  Product news
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