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Knife cutters
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Crushers, mills

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Foeth b.v.Gericke B.V.
Jongerius B.V. Siebtechnik Tema B.V.
Surplus Select - used machineryURSCHEL B.V.
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Soymilk 7% more yield
7% more yield For the production of Soymilk Urschel has now designed a 2 in 1 milling system. The soaked or non-soaked beans are being pump fed to the machine with the required quantity of water. Through the impeller the beans are propelled along the tungsten carbide cutting blades producing very small particles. This is done at an impeller speed of 9,000 rpm creating a centrifugal force of over 14,000 gs on the beans. The impeller blades are shaped in a way that by the enormous centrifugal force the first size reduction takes place; the blades in the microcut head make the final size reduction resulting in uniform particles with a nice peak in the particle size distribution. This peak means there are no big particles and make the extraction maximal. There are also no very small particles causing sedimentation after the decanter has seperated particles from liquid. The result is an increase in yield of upto 7% and no sediment. The capacity of the Comitrol Processor Model 9300 is
09-10-2008  |  6520x  |  Product news  | 
New application of Comitrol® milling machines
Milling of cacao nibs Successfull tests have been completed recently in the milling of cacao nibs into a homogeneous pumpable paste. The objective of the customer was to obtain a pumpable paste with a particle size smaller than 100 microns which could be fed to a ball mill for final size reduction. Customers problem with the present machine was the penetrating smell of cacao for the environment, which caused him to stop the production line. The Urschel® machine used was the Comitrol Processor Model 1700 with micro cutting head and with an impeller speed of 11,000 rpm. The motor power was 40 Hp. The result was a very fine paste with a relatively low temperature after milling of about 55°C. This temperature and the compact practically closed milling system reduces the smell of cacao aroma`s considerably. The capacity of the machine was from 800 - 1,000 kgs/hr.
11-05-2004  |  6074x  |  Product news
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