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Hose type diverters for pneumatic transport
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PolimakSurplus Select - used machineryVerbaten Stortgoedtechniek B.V. (VST)
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Multiport flex tube diverter to handle flour
Multiport flex tube diverter to handle flour
A Vortex client produces various types of flour that need to be conveyed throughout the bakery, but with no cross-contamination. In this application, a Vortex Multiport Flex Tube Diverter was designed with (2) Two-Way Vortex Flex Tube Diverters and (2) Three-Way Vortex Flex Tube Diverters to pneumatically convey flour from four origins to six destinations. The Multiport configuration is actuated using a double acting air cylinder. The Flex Tube design ensures there is no cross-contamination between the differing grades, or batches, of flour. All material contact areas of the Flex Tube Diverter are constructed from aluminium or rubber. The 130mm hose is constructed from rubber approved by the food industry. Each diverter features a viewing window and a removeable access panel. The Multiport Diverter is rated for continuous service in 82 C.
17-11-2020  |  492x  |  Product news  |   | 
Flex tube diverter handling book trimmings
Flex tube diverter handling book trimmings
The bookmaking process requires individual sheets of paper be stitched into a spine and cover. The resulting stack of paper is then trimmed so that all pages are perfectly aligned with each other. The paper trimmings must then be collected for disposal or recycling. A printing company contacted Vortex searching for a method to convey the wasted materials away from the trimmer through a vacuum system toward two collection points. When conveying material away from the trimmer, each type of trimming poses an issue. The individual strips of paper are light and can be conveyed long distances through a dedicated line. The spine pieces are heavier and can only be conveyed shorter distances. Previously, the company was able to run a direct line to transfer paper strips toward the bailer, but sometimes the long strips of paper collected in various areas of the diverter, causing it to seize up and not work properly. The spine pieces also had to be removed from the trimmer by
16-04-2019  |  1885x  |  Product news  |   | 
Tea time for Vortexs wye line diverter Wye Line Diverter handles delicate tea leaves
Tea time for Vortexs wye line diverter
Wye Line Diverter handles delicate tea leaves Tea and coffee merchants, Taylors of Harrogate, recruited Vortex a few years ago to assist in improving a tea transfer system at their North Yorkshire, UK plant. Staff at the Vortex Darlington office were contacted by Taylors, who had identified the Wye Line Diverter from the Vortex website as a potential alternative for their tea transfer system. Taylors were then visited by Vortex representatives just 90 minutes after this initial enquiry. At the plant, the blended tea was transferred to each packaging machine by a dedicated vacuum system. The project was to combine these two systems into one, reducing the number of vacuum pumps and pipework whilst not affecting the quality, taste or structure of the tea in any way. Following the decision that the 2-Way Wye Line Diverters offered the best solution to reduce costs and energy consumption, Taylors were able to test a set of four diverters on a trial basis for several weeks. At the end of this period, Taylors
16-11-2016  |  4168x  |  Product news  | 
New Cataloque Vortex Valves Quantum Series
Ideal for handling dry bulk material in gravity flow or pneumatic conveying applications Vortex Quantum Series slide gates and diverters are the valves our customers have been using for decades to shut off, meter, and divert their dry bulk material. Its our traditional line of valves for dry bulk processing and conveying through gravity flow or pneumatic (pressure or vacuum) conveying. Some of the industries that use Quantum valves include but not limited to: Agriculture, Chemical, Coffee, Dairy, Foods, Milling, Pet Food, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Rubber, Textiles, Tobacco, and Wood to name a few.
03-02-2015  |  6999x  |  Product news  | 
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