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Gravity based big bag discharge systems
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Gravity based big bag discharge systems

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Simple big bag emptying in containment environments
Simple big bag emptying in containment environments
Containment systems are primarily used for the safe handling of harmful or highly active substances. Handling such substances in closed systems not only reduces the amount of substance particles that escape into the surrounding environment to an absolute minimum, but it also stops unwanted foreign substances from entering and contaminating the production process. The new JEL SmartCon ES attachment system from Engelsmann for emptying big bags under containment conditions can be used up to OEB 4, which corresponds to a particle concentration in the surrounding environment of less than 10 Ķg / m3. Alongside the maximum possible Occupational Exposure Band (OEB), the operability is one of the most important criteria when it comes to procuring a containment system. As each manual operating step increases the risk of operating errors which can in turn cause a break in the containment. Ensuring a simple and safe operability was therefore central to the development of the patented
15-02-2021  |  280x  |  Product news  |   | 
Perfectly balanced: Mobile weighing frame conveyor
Perfectly balanced: Mobile weighing frame conveyor
Would you like to meter your bulk material straight out of the big bag, mobile and with no intermediate steps? You can, with our mobile weighing frame conveyor; and not only does it make your work easier, it also saves costs. In addition, the dust-free loading provides for even more safety during bulk material handling. Simply move the conveyor up to the desired container or mixer, hook up the big bag, connect the system to a power outlet and you are ready to go. The system stops as soon as the control unit has reached the set discharge amount Ė at an accuracy of +/- 200 g. All advantages at a glance ◾Moveable conveyor system with an integrated scale ◾Product impurities are avoided by means of residual emptying ◾Materials and weighing units are perfectly adjusted to the bulk material ◾Upstream or downstream check weighers and prior reloading become obsolete ◾Gravimetric weighing for more exact metering (+/- 200 g) ◾High
30-01-2017  |  7406x  |  Product news  | 
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