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Full blade screw conveyors
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Ardo uses special trough conveyors to retain taste and heat of its fresh re
Ardo uses special trough conveyors to retain taste and heat of its fresh re
‘We preserve nature’s precious gifts’ has been the slogan adopted by ARDO B.V. for more than forty years. The Zundert-based company is Europe’s largest frozen fruit and vegetable producer. Van Beek has supplied Ardo with a closed system of three trough conveyors, and in doing so has helped ensure that the red cabbage retains its taste, colour and shape while it is processed into a frozen vegetable product. With special facilities – such as CIP lines, flat-body ball valves and bead-blasted finishes – the red cabbage can be hygienically conveyed, while ensuring optimum cleanability of the screw conveyors. Paul Wortel, Manager Investments at Ardo BV in Zundert explains why the company opted for screw conveyors from Van Beek: “The advantage of these trough conveyors is that they have lids, so they form a closed system. This means that moisture and juice is retained, which also helps retain taste and heat. If we used an ordinary conveyor belt, we would lose these important
16-09-2013  |  5485x  |  Product news  | 
Vertical screw conveyor with capacity 25 T/h
Vertical screw conveyor with capacity 25 T/h
For vertical transport of humid, sticky and hot product a vertical screw conveyor is a good option. This vertical screw conveyor works on centrifugal force combined with the conveying of the screw. By this high speed execution the screw will be emptied, minimal product will be left in de screw conveyor. Alternative is low speed whereby the product by repression vertical is transported. Product is fed by a horizontal screw conveyor. The lift height of this conveyor is 5,5 mtr This conveyor is executed in stainless steel 1.4301 en executed with exhausting hood for release of vapour. JAVO Procestechniek builds on specification.
18-04-2012  |  7189x  |  Product news  | 
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