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Flat screens
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Poeth high-frequency sieve with automatic sieve cleaning Plastic recycling
Poeth high-frequency sieve with automatic sieve cleaning
Plastic recycling The high-frequency sieve was already frequently used for sieving dust and grit in feed and pet food applications. The desire was to be able to change a sieve deck quickly (<30 sec), but above all to be able to realize a higher sieve effeciency. The machine is then further developed and is now used for plastic recycling, for example, where the machine is placed just before the color sorter. Dust is disastrous for the lenses in a color sorter and so sieve must be sieved thoroughly. The unique thing about this system is that the screen deck can be automatically tensioned and relaxed. It looks like an elastic that attracts you, and causes a larger amplitude when tensioning / relaxing. wedge-shaped flakes, which get stuck in the screen deck, are fired from the deck. Closing the deck is therefore almost impossible. The machine vibrates high-frequency and provides higher sieving efficiency than conventional vibrating sifting machines. This is possible because only
13-07-2018  |  2474x  |  Product news  | 
ApexTM, the new screening solution from Rotex®
The APEX™ name is already synonymous with high accuracy & high efficiency screening. However increasing constraints, within the health & safety legislation, and the needs of customers has led to the development of this new screener. Advantages: • Easier access to the lower decks • Modularity • Ball access • Weight & storage improvements on screens • Wear minimisation For dry granular fine aperture screening the Apex answers these questions. There is no removable top cover : all screens are accessed via drop down doors along either side. The screening area has been partitioned to accept 760mm x 1065mm modular panels which not only have the mesh bonded onto disposable frames but weigh only 2kg. The top & lower screen deck panels are interchangeable allowing for total interchangeability & minimisation of spare screens. To access the screen media each side of the machine has self locking hinged doors that are opened to expose the screen decks. By simply unlocking
19-06-2008  |  3230x  |  Product news
Higher effeciency with automatic tensioning screen frames
Higher effeciency with automatic tensioning screen frames
Replacing wood screen frames with all-metal Automatic Tensioning Screen Frames from Rotex improves efficiency, speed, repeatability and cleanliness. Automatic Tensioning frames feature a patented design for attaching screen clothing to unitized frames with unique Quick-Snap spring tension clips. The clips permit quick removal and replacement of screen clothing and ensure constant, uniform tension across the entire screen surface for superior screening. With a one-piece design, the Automatic Tensioning screen frames are easy to assemble, clean and maintain, greatly simplifying maintenance, reducing downtime and eliminating the need for spare screen frames. The screen frames and top covers are constructed of heavy duty mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The bottom pans are made of mild steel or stainless steel. Automatic Tensioning frames feature a totally enclosed design with a continuous, one-piece seal and a grooved lip that holds the seal tightly against
23-08-2006  |  4235x  |  Product news  | 
Apex, the new screening solution from ROTEX
Apex, the new screening solution from ROTEX
In May 2006, during Achema exhibition in Frankfurt Rotex Europe announced the release of the new APEX™ Screener. With its ergonomic design, the APEX screener increases up time by enabling quick screen changes, while retaining the same process efficiency and gyratory-reciprocating motion of the ROTEX® Screener.The new APEX screener comes standard with the same great features found on the ROTEX® Screener: gyratory-reciprocating motion, positive screen cleaning and bouncing balls to reduce blinding. The ergonomic design of the APEX enables the screener to be maintained by just one person, as all operator lifted components on the APEX weigh less than 40 pounds. In addition, APEX screens weigh only 5 pounds, which enable screen maintenance by only one person. Screens are available in sizes ranging from 1/2"” to 325 mesh. Top cover inspection ports allow for easy seal inspection from outside the machine. Discharge outlets on the tail end of the machine are easily
05-07-2006  |  4945x  |  Product news  | 
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