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Filters, filter materials
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Filters, filter materials
Filter monitoring Dust emission meters
Filters, filter materials

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Formula Air introduces wetscrubber for the food industry
Formula Air introduces wetscrubber for the food industry
Background The milk powder manufacturing industry is a growing industry. Prices keep on rising due to increased demand from growing economies in Asia. At some point in the production process any additives the customer wants can be added to the agitating milk powder. During this production process dust extraction is a very important issue. Challenge In the food processing industry, the filtration techniques and the hygiene requirements are often very hard to combine. The explosion protection requirements are often very high in the milk powder and sugar processing which make the installation very complex to maintain clean. The extracted substances are extremely hygroscopic which makes the filtration very hard and the filtration elements need to be replaced or cleaned often due to the dry medium that is being processed. Solution In collaboration with Miltech, we produced the ATEX wet scrubber for air volumes up to 20.000 m/h. Based on a natural physical principle,
11-06-2015  |  4049x  |  Product news  | 
Donaldson Powercore The new generation dust collectors
Donaldson Powercore
The new generation dust collectors PowerCore the award winning revolution in dust collection combines Donaldsons patented Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with new media packaging expertise. As a result the innovative, obround shaped PowerCore filter packs compose an extremely small but powerful package. PowerCore dust collectors handle high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate, and fit into the smallest places. The space-saving dust collector comes in two models: the CPC (stand alone dust collector) is up to 50 % smaller than traditional baghouses and can be ducted to many different applications. The CPV (bin vent) is up to 70 % smaller than traditional bag bin vents and can be used on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.
14-10-2008  |  5649x  |  Product news  | 
Donaldson introduces non-Donaldson Replacement Filters (Willfit program)
Donaldson introduces non-Donaldson Replacement Filters (Willfit program)
It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our Non-Donaldson Replacement Filters program on our website. These web pages not only include information on Filtration Technology in general (Dura-LifeTM, Ultra-Web , ePTFE and ATEX), they also contain very useful and detailed product information which can be found in brochures, datasheets and selection tables for bag filters, cartridge filters, panel filters and pulse cleaning equipment. These new web pages are an excellent tool to guide you through the process of selecting the best available technology. Please click on the link below and see the images on our company page.
17-12-2007  |  5867x  |  Product news  | 
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