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FFS filling installations
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J-Tec it`s easy Fill & Seal Solution
J-Tec it`s easy Fill & Seal Solution
Throughout the years, J-Tec noticed the need of low capacity, easy bag filling installations. That’s why we designed the “easy fill & seal“, an installation that allows you to fill and seal bags in an easy and ergonomic way. Our 40 years of experience in the business of solids handling helped us to invent this hygienic, low budget, but most of all effective solution. The “easy fill & seal” is delivered in combination with our patented “dosing valve” which guarantees extremely accurate dosing. Let us convince you of its added value for your process needs and contact our sales force. Key features -Application for low capacity bag filling -High accurate dosing with our “Dosing Valve” (fully dismountable, cleanable,...) -Bag stabilizer on weighing scale of load cells -Ergonomic rail transport -Easy bag seal up application -Easily cleanable (Wet and Dry) -Easily applicable in any process situation -Fully integrated automation system:   - Data logging &
08-11-2012  |  6292x  |  Product news  | 
Eskens presents Weber Waagenbau filling, forming & sacking machines Performance Form Fill & Seal machine (FFS)
Eskens presents Weber Waagenbau filling, forming & sacking machines
Performance Form Fill & Seal machine (FFS) With the FFS packaging systems in the PERFORMANCE series, the company Weber Waagenbau und Wägeelektronik has succeeded in developing one of the most modern and flexible packaging machines of its kind. This systems fully automatic forms sacks, fills with product and seals. Also these systems can be individually modified to meet your needs thanks to their compact construction and modular structure. There are two machines available with the following capacities: •Performance 1600 with an hourly output of up to 1600 sacks. •Performance 800 with an hourly output of up to 800 sacks in conjunction with net weight scales and up to 500 sacks in the gross version (integrated scales). Options •Corner sealing •Labyrinth venting •Machine in mobile version •Machine completely made of stainless steel (only Performance 800) •Integrated sack labelling or direct printing with a thermal transfer printer or inkjet •Labelling of the empty sacks on one or two sides •Foil
13-09-2010  |  6605x  |  Product news  | 
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