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Clamp couplings
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Portable LED lighting DuroSite High Bay Transportable
Portable LED lighting
DuroSite High Bay Transportable The DuroSite High Bay luminaire was designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor. This portable version can be used to meet the most demanding specification criteria while offering maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a superior quality of light.
05-11-2012  |  4872x  |  Product news  | 
A new concept in flexible tube connections Connection Systems Flexiduct
A new concept in flexible tube connections
Connection Systems Flexiduct The British firm Connection Systems has appointed Acuradmin (Oud-Vossemeer-NL) as its Benelux distributor. Connection Systems is part of the Terriva Group and specialises in the development and production of new concepts and systems for flexible pipe-connectors. Connection Systemís Flexiduct product line consists of a complete range of lightweight flexible silicone connectors to make the joining of similar or different sized pipes simple. The ends are moulded to replace the gasket used in standard quick couplings. For non-flanged pipes the Flexiduct can be attached using a standard band clamp. The ducts will compensate for reasonable levels of misalignment in all planes. The convolutions allow the joint to be made with minimum effort and absorbs vibrations. Due to their flexibility the ducts are ideal for feeding transportation systems, vibrating sieves and applications where quick connection/release of tubes is required. 2 types of Flexiducts are available:
11-12-2010  |  5384x  |  Product news  | 
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