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Chain type bucket elevators
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Chain type bucket elevators
Belt bucket elevators  
Chain type bucket elevators

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Simatek Drum Feeder Continuous Batch Feeding System
Simatek Drum Feeder
Continuous Batch Feeding System The patented Simatek Drum Feeder is next generation technology within gentle feeding of Simatek universal elevators. This unique, mechanical drum feeder has many advantages compared to traditional feeding systems. The elevator buckets are filled separately and continuously. The variable dosing of the buckets makes it possible to obtain a very high filling degree which results in a higher conveying capacity and/or lower speed compared to other feeding systems. Often it will be possible to obtain a significant increase in capacity on existing elevators when changing to a drum feeder. The filling degree may be regulated during operation by a built-in, actuator controlled damper. This is possible at any conveying speed. Because the buckets are filled separately and precisely there is no need for overlap between the buckets, thus there is no mechanical contact between the buckets. By using Free Rotating Buckets (FRB) there is no need for forced controlling. Thereby,
19-01-2012  |  7337x  |  Product news  |   | 
Elevator misalignment detector ATEX approved Rub-Block with a PT100 sensor
Elevator misalignment detector ATEX approved
Rub-Block with a PT100 sensor The Rub-Block RB200DN with a PT100 temperature sensor is designed to report the misalignment of a conveyor or elevator belt. The advantage of the Rub-Block is the fact that it will send a continuous output signal to the PLC. The Rub-Block emits a permanent life standby signal. If such a signal is absent, this must be investigated and if required the PT100 sensor must be replaced. As long as the Rub-Block emits a standby signal, it will also emit an emergency contact signal caused by its temperature rising, as soon as a belt touches it. Off-tracking belts running into the side of conveyor equipment will cause friction, which may cause damage to the belt, and may generate heat, fire, or a dust explosion. The Rub-Block is very easy to install, it will be fitted on both sides of a conveyor or elevator belt. Once the belt off-tracks and runs onto the brass plate of the Rub-Block, it will create friction and the temperature of the Rub-Block brass plate increases.
07-05-2010  |  7783x  |  Product news  | 
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