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Pilot Plant voor het malen van organische massa
Pilot Plant voor het malen van organische massa
Mahltechnik Görgens en JAVO procestechniek bouwen samen, in opdracht van een klant in de Benelux, een pilot plant voor het malen van vochtige organische materialen. In nauwe samenwerking met JAVO en Görgens is een mobiele installatie ontworpen die gebruik maakt van standaard containers. Hierdoor kan deze installatie eenvoudig getransporteerd worden en ook op diverse locaties worden opgebouwd. De Görgens turborotor is zeer geschikt om vezelige producten fijn te malen en zorgt voor een fijner en droger product dan bijvoorbeeld een hamermolen. De warmte die vrij komt bij het malen van de materialen wordt gebruikt om het product te drogen, hierdoor stijgt de calorische waarde van het materiaal. De complete pilot plant bestaat o.a. uit: • opslag bunker • doseersysteem • metaal afscheider • Görgens turborotor • container met besturingskasten • filter installatie • schroef voor de afvoer van het gemalen product
10-01-2014  |  4431x  |  Product news  | 
EDEM software simulation of discrete elements
EDEM software
simulation of discrete elements EDEMTM is the world`s first general-purpose CAE tool to use state-of-the-art discrete element modeling technology for the simulation and analysis of particle handling and manufacturing operations. With EDEM you can quickly and easily create a parameterized model of your granular solids system. CAD models of real particles can be imported to obtain an accurate representation of their shape. Add the mechanical, material and other physical properties to form your model particles. These can be stored in a library allowing you to build a collection specific to your processes. EDEM manages information about each individual particle (mass, temperature, velocity and so on) and the forces acting on it. It can also take into account the particle’s shape, rather than assuming that all particles are spherical. For post-processing, EDEM provides data analysis tools and 3D visualizations of the particle flow. EDEM`s Particle FactoryTM technology provides a unique method for
26-08-2008  |  4703x  |  Product news  | 
Demonstration of Brabender FeederScout at IP-2008 New online program for automatic selection of the optimum bulk ingredient metering feeder
Demonstration of Brabender FeederScout at IP-2008
New online program for automatic selection of the optimum bulk ingredient metering feeder DEMONSTRATION AT INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING 2008 Brabender Technologie KG, one of the leading global feeder suppliers, has published a sophisticated program on their Website for automatic selection of the optimum feeder for a specific purpose. After entering the relevant basic data, the `FeederScout` determines the optimum metering feeder in due consideration of both technical appropriateness and cost-efficiency. Upon request the `FeederScout` also submits a quotation along with its feeder proposal. The `FeederScout` has been made possible by months of work spent by an expert team from Brabender and an extensive database keeping a record of almost 15,000 feeding trials. Beside the bulk ingredient parameters entered (name, feed rate, bulk density, bulk ingredient class, etc.), the `FeederScout` takes into account a multitude of other parameters such as ingredient-specific filling ratios of feed screws and trays, flow characteristics, special properties and particularities
19-08-2008  |  5965x  |  Product news  | 
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