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Calcium oxide high-temperature cooler for the Middle East
Calcium oxide high-temperature cooler for the Middle East
Celsius has designed for and supplied a high-temperature cooler to a chemical factory in the Middle East. This screw heat exchanger has been installed as a cooler at a calcium oxide plant. At the beginning of last month engineer Martijn van den Hil, process engineer at Celsius, paid a five-day visit to the plant in the desert for a SAT (Site Acceptance Test). With its length of 10 metres and width of 2 metres this machine is one of Celsius very large models. When one sees this machine installed on site, one hardly notices the dimensions. It is very impressive the way a machine of 16,500 kg has been installed at a height of 40 metres. At this height the cooler is fed by an elevator. It raises the product from the multiple hearth furnace to the cooler, and the screw heat exchanger cools 4000 kg/hour of calcium oxide from 600C to 90C. The necessary cooling water is cooled using a cooling tower. As the plant is situated in the desert, and because of the extreme
16-08-2010  |  3293x  |  Product news  | 
Cooling screw for thermal cleaning of tar asphalt
Cooling screw for thermal cleaning of tar asphalt
Celsius has designed and produced a number of screw heat exchangers for the `Van Bentum Recycling Centrale` in Rotterdam to cool tar asphalt (TAG) in a continuous process from 600C to 50C. The `Van Bentum Recycling Centrale`, with nine plants in the Netherlands, is market leader in the field of recycling mineral construction and demolition waste and also a supplier of aggregates to the civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering industry. The Dutch authorities want to remove tar asphalt from `the chain` once and for all, so since 2001, the re-use of uncleaned TAG is no longer permissible. All tar asphalt removed during reconstruction must be thermally cleaned. In theory cleaning tar asphalt is simple. TAG consists of sand, gravel and a pollutant binder, namely tar. The tar is removed from the asphalt by heating at a high temperature. The pollutant gases released are also cleaned. This leaves clean sand, gravel and filler. The thermal cleaning
11-01-2010  |  3521x  |  Product news  | 
Cooling rubber waste with liquid nitrogen screw heat exchanger with cryogenic application
Cooling rubber waste with liquid nitrogen
screw heat exchanger with cryogenic application Celsius developed a screw heat exchanger with nitrogen cooling for the German company Gotic, which conveys rubber waste, simultaneously cooling it with liquid nitrogen (-196C). This screw heat exchanger with cryogenic application will be used for the recycling of rubber tyres. The addition of liquid nitrogen causes the rubber to go below the glass transition temperature and become hard and brittle. This makes it suitable to be grinded in a pin mill into fine powder (cryogenic grinding). This powder is suitable to be re-used in new rubber and synthetic products. Cryogenic grinding is the grinding of hard, thermoplastic material applying cryogenic temperatures. This makes the rubber so brittle it can be grinded very fine without modifying the characteristics of the rubber. The screw heat exchanger conveys the frozen rubber to the grinder over a distance of 2,500 mm with a capacity of 1.6 m/hour. During the conveyance liquid nitrogen is injected in the product
10-03-2009  |  4098x  |  Product news  | 
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