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Pendle valve feeders
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NEW DMN-Westinghouse single Straight Pipe Plug Diverter
NEW DMN-Westinghouse single Straight Pipe Plug Diverter
The new SPTD plug diverter has a single straight pipe and will be available in sizes from 150 mm (6) up to 400 mm (16). The straight pipe diverter is very suitable for applications in the food, pet food, plastics and petrochemical industries. DMN-Westinghouse will introduce the new SPTD on their stands at the Powtech in Nuremberg (H9-114) and the PTXi/Powdershow in Chicago (stand 1228). The design of the SPTD plug diverter conforms to all current legislation regarding safety in the workplace. Consequently there are no moving parts on the outside. The new SPTD has been designed to be user friendly, pressure shock resistant and with standard static seals suitable for pressures up to 3 bar g. All sizes are optionally available with inflatable seals. The DMN-Westinghouse sptd has been specially designed to route powders and pellets with minimum degradation in pneumatic conveying systems. A smooth passage of product is guaranteed by precision machining, very
19-04-2010  |  6663x  |  Product news  | 
New RID Rotor Interference Detection van DMN-Westinghouse
The Rotor Interference Detection (RID) system can be installed to minimise damage to the rotary valve and warn of possible contamination of the conveyed product in the unlikely instance of the rotor fouling the valve body or end covers. Regardless if the RID system is employed on an easy detachable valve with or without supporting rails, our valve remains easy detachable. By isolating the rotor from the body and end covers, the electrical resistance can be monitored. When a change in resistance takes place due to contact, this will be signalled and the drive should immediately be stopped. The direct drive execution is isolated by the coupling which has a plastic spider. The chain drive is isolated from the motor base plate and the body. The contact points for electrical connection are at the drive end and on the end cover / body. This monitoring is done with an isolated switch amplifier. This will give an instant output signal in case of any contact between the
19-03-2009  |  7696x  |  Product news
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