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Measurements concerning safety
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Keeping track of overall equipment efficiency Overall equipment efficiency tracking at Hosokawa Micron BV
Keeping track of overall equipment efficiency
Overall equipment efficiency tracking at Hosokawa Micron BV Hosokawa Micron has entered into a partnership with Duursma W&O in Arnhem, the Netherlands, for the supply of customised FAG SmartCheck vibration sensors. These customised sensors give Hosokawa Micron’s customers the ability to draw on in-depth knowledge specific to Hosokawa Micron’s drying, mixing and agglomeration technologies on a continuous basis. This is an important development for all of Hosokawa’s customers, one that takes preventative maintenance to the next level. The FAG SmartCheck is a continuous monitoring system designed for measuring classic and vibration-based process parameters. It provides real time monitoring of Hosokawa drive-unit components like bearings, gears, wormshaft etc., the temperature, electrical currents and has an integrated alarm interface. “We have incorporated our in-depth knowledge of Powder Processing Technology, preventative maintenance and our customers’ applications with the intelligent monitoring capabilities of the FAG SmartCheck.
18-02-2015  |  4628x  |  Product news  | 
New Earth-Rite FIBC system Static earthing for type C Bigbags
New Earth-Rite FIBC system
Static earthing for type C Bigbags The Earth-Rite FIBC system monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags ensuring that the conductive elements of the bag are capable of dissipating static charges in compliance with Cenelec CLC/TR: 50404. The FIBC system can be setup to ensure that operators ground the bag before operations are started. During the bag filling / emptying process the Earth-Rite FIBC system continuously monitors the resistance of the bag so that if it rises above the recommended level of 1 x 108 ohms the process can be halted. This feature ensures the generation and accumulation of static charges on the bag is stopped eliminating the risk of an incendive electrostatic spark discharge. To compensate for normal wear and tear on Type C bags it is important to ensure the bag maintains its capacity to dissipate charge and also ensure the ground connection between the bag and plant earth grounding point is functioning correctly. Benefits • Enables hazardous area operators demonstrate
05-03-2012  |  4439x  |  Product news  | 
Grounding Station for Static Grounding Clamps
Grounding Station for Static Grounding Clamps
ATHEX`s range of certified static earthing clamps can now be specified with a new Grounding Station. The Grounding Station provides an identifiable location for equipment or plant items that require earthing protection from the hazards of static electricity. Up to two Newson Gale static earthing clamps can be connected to the Grounding Station which is, itself, connected to the site earth. If more than two items of plant equipment require static earthing protection, multiple Grounding Stations can be interconnected to provide a secure and reliable path to earth. Made from stainless steel the stations can be mounted in operating environments ranging from clean rooms to corrosive atmospheres. The Grounding Station also provides operators with an ideal location to stow the earthing clamps when they are not in use.
09-12-2010  |  4974x  |  Product news  | 
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