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Machine safety
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Product news

Safer vehicle maintenance with Brady BatteryBlock
Safer vehicle maintenance with Brady BatteryBlock
Easy to use and applicable on a wide range of industrial vehicles, the BatteryBlock Power Connector Lockout is a great addition to your maintenance safety tool kit. Safer maintenance The BatteryBlock lockout device neutralises vehicle power supply by blocking connections between a vehicle and its battery. Professionals can lock it in place with up to 2 lockout padlocks during vehicle maintenance. Non-conductive pins help the device to stay tightly in place during longer maintenance projects and off-shift periods. With the padlock keys in the hands of maintenance workers or a manager, accidents with prematurely powered up vehicles can be avoided. Fits many vehicles The BatteryBlock Power Connector Lockout can be used to neutralise the energy flow of all vehicles powered by a battery with 175A or 350A connectors. The device can effectively neutralise most forklifts, stackers, scissor lifts, pallet jacks and powered carts. The lockout device has been designed as one piece
15-11-2019  |  306x  |  Product news  | 
New click-on pipe markers: durable and easy to apply Brady’s premium click-on pipe markers are very durable
New click-on pipe markers: durable and easy to apply
Brady’s premium click-on pipe markers are very durable Brady’s new premium click-on pipe markers are very durable and easy to apply or switch out. Adaptable to any existing standard, the new click-on pipe markers support plant safety and efficiency by clearly communicating pipe contents and flow direction, even in tough conditions. No adhesive The new click-on pipe markers are ideal for pipes with a diameter of 20 cm and larger and do not require an adhesive to attach to pipes. The pipe marker is applied to a fibreglass carrier which can easily be clicked onto two straps. This makes replacing or switching out pipe markers a lot easier. The click-on system also enables fast re-application after pipe marker updates. Because there is no need for an adhesive, click-on pipe markers are more practical to identify cold, hot, painted or oily pipes. Durable materials Brady’s click-on pipe marker is made out of stainless steel and fibreglass. Those durable materials will prevent the pipe marker from peeling, and they should
08-07-2016  |  3417x  |  Product news  | 
Print lean & safety signs on-site. Get the 5S Plus Guide
Print lean & safety signs on-site. Get the 5S Plus Guide
Reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity with well placed visual workplace signage. Brady’s complete sign & label printer range offers the potential to print every visual workplace sign on-site when needed. Discover printers and get the 5S Plus Guide! Increase productivity Productivity increases of up to 40% have been connected to visual workplace implementations that follow the lean 5S methodology. 5S achieves productivity increases by reducing the workplace to its essence, through standardisation and by clearly communicating procedures, available tools and information in places where these have the most impact. Reduce accidents Brady has built on 5S, creating 5S PLUS to include more safety in the visual workplace. The reason for this is that safety signage can also increase productivity, by reducing accidents, production interruptions and the number of co-workers in sick leave. On-site printing power Brady’s complete range of on-site Sign
03-05-2016  |  3820x  |  Product news  | 
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