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Elevator misalignment detector ATEX approved Rub-Block with a PT100 sensor
Elevator misalignment detector ATEX approved
Rub-Block with a PT100 sensor The Rub-Block RB200DN with a PT100 temperature sensor is designed to report the misalignment of a conveyor or elevator belt. The advantage of the Rub-Block is the fact that it will send a continuous output signal to the PLC. The Rub-Block emits a permanent life standby signal. If such a signal is absent, this must be investigated and if required the PT100 sensor must be replaced. As long as the Rub-Block emits a standby signal, it will also emit an emergency contact signal caused by its temperature rising, as soon as a belt touches it. Off-tracking belts running into the side of conveyor equipment will cause friction, which may cause damage to the belt, and may generate heat, fire, or a dust explosion. The Rub-Block is very easy to install, it will be fitted on both sides of a conveyor or elevator belt. Once the belt off-tracks and runs onto the brass plate of the Rub-Block, it will create friction and the temperature of the Rub-Block brass plate increases.
07-05-2010  |  6863x  |  Product news  | 
FDA white elevator belt
FDA white elevator belt
Muller Beltex POLYSUR type 272 white NBR-FDA rubber elevator belts are fully conform U.S. Food and Drug Adm. Reg. and are super oil and fat resistant as well anti-static acc. to ISO 284. Suitable for handling any food stuff up to 80 C. Belts in strength classes 500 N/mm 3-ply (350 PIW) and 630 N/mm 4-ply (450 PIW) can be supplied ex stock complete with machine punched bolt holes. A full range of black NBR elevator belts up to 1000 N/mm 5-ply (600 PIW), metal and plastic buckets, bolts and clamps is available in stock.
15-10-2008  |  6504x  |  Product news  | 
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