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Discharge systems for big bags, FIBC`s
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J-Tec`s 2-in-1 discharge station for bags and FIBCs Hygienic design
J-Tec`s 2-in-1 discharge station for bags and FIBCs
Hygienic design Especially for the food industry, J-Tec`s R&D department designed a compact FIBC discharge station which incorporates a separate bag dump facility. As hygiene is of the utmost importance in the food industry, this unit was designed with the relevant EHEDG guidelines in mind. It is completely made out of stainless steel and can be delivered with an internal surface roughness of smaller than 3 Ķm. The rounded edges prevent product build-up in the unit, minimizing the risk of bacteriological contamination. FIBC discharge station: Thanks to the J-TEC FIBC discharge clamp, the dust-tight discharging of FIBCs is guaranteed. A vibrating dish promotes a positive product outflow, even for difficult products. This new model can be equipped with a pneumatic pinch system for reclosing the FIBCs during product flow. Bag dump station: The bag dump unit is 100% water- and dust-tight thanks to a special, FDA approved, removable seal and a closing system. It does not have
08-12-2011  |  6945x  |  Product news  | 
New Big Bag® discharge system for the food industry
New Big Bag® discharge system for the food industry
J-TEC has designed a new Big Bagģ discharge clamp that meets the strictest hygienic standards. The system is user-friendly, can be implemented in all hygienic zones and is easy to clean. It has no sharp corners, no external screw thread, and is entirely composed of smooth surfaces. All the hinges and sliding parts have bearings that are made out of high performance polymers. They are grease- and oilfree and hermetically sealed (protected against waterjet). This discharge system can be polished according to the customerís wishes, and is available in SS304 and SS316. It can be implemented in a new installation, as well as in an existing installation.
14-05-2007  |  7871x  |  Product news  | 
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