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Gentle screening meets clever handling
Gentle screening meets clever handling
Regardless of whether you are mixing, conveying or dosing – when it comes to handling fragile bulk solids, sensitivity is required. This particularly applies to screening machines, as the back and forth movement on the screen surface places a relatively high mechanical stress on the screening product. If this aspect is not taken into consideration when choosing and designing your screening machine, it can lead to an unwanted breakdown of grains which then results in an increased number of over- and undersized particles in the product, causing it to be no longer fit for purpose. A screening process that is gentle to the product is therefore a decisive criteria for many facility operators when it comes to choosing the right screening machine. An additional issue that screening machine suppliers have to face – aside from ensuring the quality of the screening product – is the demand for a machine handling that is a simple as possible. This requirement is commonly put in
19-11-2020  |  382x  |  Product news  | 
J-Tec designs a combined sieve and magnetic system according to the latest
J-Tec designs a combined sieve and magnetic system according to the latest
For over 40 years J-Tec is designing, installing and maintaining complete process installations in as well the chemical and the food industry. This acquired experience brings along the necessary know-how needed to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. However every process challenge requires a customized approach, we dispose of a wide variety of standard developments which we can apply. Thanks to our numerous references in the food industry we understand that hygiene is a crucial element in every food installation. That is why J-Tec is continually looking for new technologies and innovative solutions in order to exclude any form of contamination. Whenever it comes to food installations we distinguish 3 different forms of contamination: •Bacteriological contamination •Contamination between different products •Contamination as a result of unwanted objects In order to avoid this last form of contamination, J-Tec has designed a combined sieve and
28-02-2014  |  6114x  |  Product news  | 
Bomatech double vibrating sieve with adjustable orifice
Bomatech double vibrating sieve with adjustable orifice
Bomatech, located in Wijk en Aalburg, the Netherlands, developed a vibrating sieve wherewith at the same time to large as well to small particles can be removed from the product flow. Special about this machine is that the double deck screens can be adjusted independently of each other in orifice so both, the size of the product by the upper deck as well the fineness of the product at the lower deck, can be accurately set the sizes of the passing product. For adjusting the orifice a specific mechanism is developed which is powered with electrical motors. This makes it possible to adjust the settings during operation of the machine. If desired, the machine can be provided with magnetic rulers so remote control of the orifice is possible. The sieve machine is available in different capacities and can be delivered both in steel as in stainless steel. For international trading the company and PRES International are co-operating so the machine is also within
14-11-2013  |  5927x  |  Product news  | 
Increased production flexibility Unique 3 sieves automatic screen exchange system
Increased production flexibility
Unique 3 sieves automatic screen exchange system For their GD Hammer Mill Van Aarsen developed an automatic screen exchange system for 3 screens. The system is already operational in 2 feed mills and demand is constantly increasing. The system consists of a cassette unit with 3 slots to hold the screens, a motorised insertion system and control system. The screens are stored in a cassette system that is suspended above the hammer mill. This construction enables: • The surface area required for the hammer mill to remain the same • Easy access, ergonomic working conditions • Use of simple straight screen plates • No extra tools • Sieve exchange during operation • CE protected cassettes • Cassettes to be moved aside when opening the hammer mill doors The screen is suspended in a cassette slot by means of a lever with pneumatic cylinder. During insertion the lever pushes the screen down into the mechanism. The insertion mechanism consists of two sets of motor driven wheels that place the screen into the hammer
08-04-2010  |  6241x  |  Product news  | 
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