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Compressed air conditioning
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Compressed air conditioning

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3024 Compact Neutralising Bar Shortest neutralising bar in the world
3024 Compact Neutralising Bar
Shortest neutralising bar in the world The 3024 Compact is the only available neutralising bar in the world that is so powerful and compact (June 2019), with built-in electronics. The very compact ionising bar delivers up to 7.5 kV in the bar and is ideal for the neutralizing of fast-moving materials at speeds up to 1300 m / min. The small dimensions make the neutralising bar suitable for many industrial processes where space is very limited, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.
04-07-2019  |  890x  |  Product news  | 
Membrane dryer DryPoint M 4.0
Membrane dryer DryPoint M 4.0
Many years ago, Beko technologies, manufacturer of compressed air treatment, introduced a compressed air dryer to the market, the Drypoint® M Plus. This particular dryer proved succesful due to the fact that it requires no electrical connection, it had a small footprint and could achieve a low pressure dew point of -40°C and under certain conditions even lower. In spite of this, some markets required a compressed air dryer that would reduce compressed air consumption and offer the possibility of setting a specific pressure dew point which would remain stable no matter what the surrounding conditions are. In short, the market needed an intelligent dryer. Jan Slatman, Global Account Manager for Beko technologies b.V., who is an avid and experienced technician, then took the dryer under his wing and added an intelligent electrical valve which is able to independly analyse the inlet conditions and adjust the purge accordingly, whilst constantly maintaining a stable
07-10-2015  |  4513x  |  Product news  | 
Oil monitor according to ISO 8573-5: 2010 Inline measurement of residual oil content in compressed air
Oil monitor according to ISO 8573-5: 2010
Inline measurement of residual oil content in compressed air According to ISO 8573-5: 2010 all hydrocarbons with 6 or more carbon atoms per molecule in compressed air need to be measured. The RCS Oil monitor is capable of measuring the residual oil with a minimum detection limit of 0,001mg/Nm3. The RCS Oil monitor is easy to install and optionally it is possible to expand the measurement range to CO2, CO, O2 and other possibilities up to ISO 8573-1. Because residual oil is an important measurement for the end quality of your produced product it is therefore the ideal monitor to install and monitor your compressed air quality. The complete set is delivered including a sample take-off point, a measurement system and a monitor system, providing you with a 4..20mA output or a RS485 digital link. The system only needs 230VAC, 50HZ power supply to start your measurement.
16-12-2013  |  3906x  |  Product news  | 
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