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Cleaning installations
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Cleaning installations

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Cleaning containers without liquids CSM 1500 of Jongerius makes this possible
Cleaning containers without liquids
CSM 1500 of Jongerius makes this possible The innovative container/IBC cleaning system CSM 1500 of Jongerius is the perfect solution in order to comply with continuously increasing environmental requirements. The unique design can be quickly implemented and has a high Return on Investment. The system can be deployed anywhere because there are no liquids used. The residue that remains after the cleaning cycle is easy to collect and cheap to dispose of. After cleaning the container is immediately available for use in the production process. We kindly invite you for a demonstration on our stand at the Solids Exhibition (D116).
28-09-2015  |  4657x  |  Product news  | 
Micron Cleaning Station
Micron Cleaning Station
The Micron Cleaning Station is a unique cleaning system and will add a new dimension to the concept of cleaning. Designed by industrial air technical engineers it can handle the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. Especially in the recycling industry where a lot of dust is created due to demolishing and de- assembly operations. Suction By using a unique 3-stage separation this system is suitable for picking up pieces of coarse components such as vegetables, chips, small metals, liquids and particulate matter up to 1 micron, without immediately blockage of the filter. This a constant and strong suction power all the time. Blowing Beside suction cleaning, this system can be turned in a second into a powerful blower. With our special lance blowing speeds of 300 km per hour can be achieved. This is similar as blowing a compressed air pistol, only more powerful by a multitude of air volume. With the Micron Cleaning Station you can first blow-off dust and pieces
29-04-2011  |  4884x  |  Product news  | 
Handy Blastmachine Exastrip technology for safe cleaning
Handy Blastmachine
Exastrip technology for safe cleaning The latest development in the blasters series is the EX execution of the ES700. This machine has the ATEX certificat II2GDcT80 making it suitable for dusty environments for example. Like the normal ES700 you can remove grease, dirt, coatings etc. from sensative surfaces like plastics, paint, glass, aluminium, etc. Please contact us for a demonstration, for rental of for sales.
12-06-2008  |  4868x  |  Product news  | 
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