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Batch feeders
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SPIDO2B - The most revolutionary recipe computer on the market!
SPIDO2B Is a state of the art, user friendly batch dosing and control system complying with all the needs for the bakery- and pastry industry. Based on a unique PLC platform where process visualisation, recipe control, production planning and alarm management are all integrated in a user friendly and ergonomic way Additional to the basic dosing point control, possible extension with functions for manual or automatic minor ingredients, water dosing with temperature calculation as well as a batch follow-up system. Additional possible extension with a tracking & tracing module in accordance with the General Food Law. Disposes of real time and historical trending Can be linked with ERP, as for registration and control of the baking processes and registration of quality parameters. Available as an extremely fast PLC system with 6 or 10 touch screen with web server and serving a 100% compatible software platform. We will present SPIDO2B at EUROPAIN in Paris
29-01-2010  |  5504x  |  Product news
Drumming line installed for Werf & Vlasnatie in Antwerp
Drum palettising and filling line BP-matic installed recently a automatic drum palettsising and drum filling line for Werf & Vlasnatie in Antwerp. Automatic installation with an articulated 4-axis robot to paletise empty drums on a wooden pallet (4 drums of 200 liters/pallet or 9 drums of 60 liters/pallet. After palettisation, the drums are automatically transferred to 2 semi-automatic filling lines (filling by weight). Installation is partially executed in a flame proof version for use in hazardous area. Installation is capable to fill more than 120 drums of 200 litres/hour.
16-01-2004  |  4313x  |  Product news
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