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10-10-2019  |  78x
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Mixomat Mini; gravity blender for lab applications

The Mixomat mini gravity blender made by Fuchs Maschinen AG has been specially designed for laboratory applications.

The laboratory blender is ideal for various applications such as blending, homogenising, inking, blending sedimented liquids as well as polishing metal or plastic parts and much more. This blender is fitted with the same characteristics of the large-sized Mixomat drum blenders.

Thanks to its extremely compact design, this small tilting drum blender is ideal to be used in laboratories, in pilot plants and in small production units. As a standard, the Mixomat mini tilting drum blender is supplied with 0,5, 1,0 and 2,0 litre plastic containers. As an option, stainless steel containers of up to 1,0 litre are also available.

The blender is fitted with the same functionalities as her bigger Mixomat -brothers: the blending drum is filled to a maximum of 70% of its capacity and rotated around its own axes during a preselected blending time. Because the blending drum is mounted at an inclined position on the drum holder, the blending effect is three-dimensional. Blending is carried out gently and free of residuals.

The control unit includes a timer as well as a potentiometer for speed adjustment between 3 and 120 rpm. The maximum working load is 2000 g at a bulk material density of 2 kg/dm3.

The blender housing is completely made of surface machine-polished stainless steel. A Plexiglas protection hood secured by means of a proximity switch prevents unauthorised access while a process is running.

As usual Fuchs tumbling drum blenders, available in all sizes and versions up to a capacity of 400 litres, are extremely easy to operate and their maintenance insignificant.


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