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04-06-2020  |  1141x
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Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing

On-line short course

Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing: Short course
13 – 17 July 2020 Remote delivery
£675 per person

Register now to attend this popular short course; our aim is to guide you through the critical aspects of powder handling and management so that you are able to identify potential problematic issues and learn how to avoid or overcome them.

Each day begins at 9.30am UK time and has in-built ‘coffee break’ sessions for informal discussions amongst participants and presenters.


* Mon 13 July: General introduction from presenters (30 mins) / Introduction to Powder Behaviour (30 mins) / Quality issues /Current approaches to measuring powder particle characteristics (90 mins)
* Tuesday 14 July: PSD / recycling issues / powder moisture (120 mins)
* Wednesday 15 July: Powder management and maintenance of quality / powder evolution (120 mins) / Review of standards (75 mins)
* Thursday 16 July: Characterisation of powders (60 mins) / Tumbling test and quality considerations (60 mins)
* Friday 17 July: Control of flow properties (90 mins) / review and course closure

Leading team of experts

Once again we bring together a world leading team of experts from Industry, who will be able to deliver the latest understanding on the subject and to respond to your queries.
* Claus Aumund-Kopp, Group Leader for AM at the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute in Bremen, has worked with metal powders for AM powder bed fusion and AM binder jetting approaches for over fifteen years.
* Dr Neil Harrison, Materials Development Manager at Carpenter Additive, has over 5 years of academic and industrial experience in metal powder AM, including work on alloy design, powder behaviour and powder evolution.
*…and of course our own Richard Farnish, Senior Consultant Engineer, has worked internationally on design and troubleshooting of bulk solids handling as a commercial consultant and research expert for over twenty years.

We look forward to receiving your registration.

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