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Product news
07-02-2020  |  769x
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Bar any confined space opening to increase safety

Increase safety for almost any confined space by completely covering its opening with a physical barrier andsafety message. 8 types of Confined Space Safety Covers are now available from Brady Corporation.

Increase confined space safety

Confined spaces can be difficult to get out in a hurry. This makes them an increased safety risk. Rights to enter a confined space are usually very limited and part of a larger safety procedure to avoid accidents. With Brady`s new Confined Space Safety Covers, openings to almost any confined space can be covered completely with a physical barrier to deter entrance. A warning message is added to warn coworkers for the safety risks involved.

Easy to use

8 types of Confined Space Safety Covers enable barring almost any confined space opening. Options include lockable or unlockable, elastic, magnetic or velcro fit, and a solid or ventilated design. They are much easier to apply than typically used warning tape, and they can easily be reapplied after maintenance.

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Safer vehicle maintenance with Brady BatteryBlock
Easy to use and applicable on a wide range of industrial vehicles, the BatteryBlock Power Connector Lockout is a great addition to your maintenance safety tool kit. Safer maintenance The BatteryBlock lockout device neutralises vehicle power supply by blocking connections between a vehicle and its battery. Professionals can lock it in place with up to 2 lockout padlocks during vehicle maintenance. Non-conductive pins help the device to stay tightly in place during longer maintenance projects and off-shift periods. With the padlock keys in the hands of maintenance workers or a manager, accidents with prematurely powered up vehicles can be avoided. Fits many vehicles The BatteryBlock Power Connector Lockout can be used to neutralise the energy flow of all vehicles powered by a battery with 175A or 350A connectors. The device can effectively neutralise most forklifts, stackers, scissor lifts, pallet jacks and powered carts. The lockout device has been designed as one piece
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Pendant Control Safety Cover
Hands off my crane Brady Corporation has launched the new Pendant Control Safety Cover, an innovative Lockout/Tagout solution that enables complete access control to crane and hoist pendant buttons for increased worker safety. Increased worker safety The new Pendant Control Safety Cover can completely cover a wide range of crane or hoist pendant controls to prevent anyone from pressing any pendant buttons before removing up to 4 padlocks. Padlock keys can be held by supervisors or workers operating outside crane operator view to avoid undesired use of the crane or hoist. Accidents and severe injuries resulting from collisions with hooks or crane cargo can be avoided, and worker safety can be increased with the Pendant Control Safety Cover. Easy and practical to use The Pendant Control Safety Cover is a practical, extendable tool that fits all pendant controls ranging from 10 to 45 cm in length. It can be applied like any bag and includes a flexible locking cinch for a snug fit
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New SafeKey Padlock: the safest padlock for Lockout/Tagout
New SafeKey Padlock: the safest padlock for Lockout/Tagout
Brady Corporation offers new, innovative SafeKey Lockout Padlocks to achieve the safest Lockout/Tagout procedures during maintenance operations. With 100 000+ unique keys, the new locks can support large, company specific key hierarchies in which no 2 locks can be opened with the same key. Highest lockout padlock safety and security The new SafeKey Lockout Padlocks offer 700% more key possibilities than a standard safety padlock thanks to their innovative lock mechanism. With 100 000+ different keys, SafeKey Lockout Padlocks can optimally support custom hierarchies of large sets of keyed different padlocks that can be opened by a manager's master key or grand master key when needed. Charted key numbers ensure no two keys in the same company will open the same lock if so required. Both non-conductive and anti-corrosion padlock designs are available for additional safety. Increased Lockout/Tagout efficiency With colour coded keys that match the colour of their
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Safe blind lockout for the widest range of pipes
Safe blind lockout for the widest range of pipes
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