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10-01-2019  |  254x
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Earn money with baling presses

Savings of more than 100,000 euros per year and a return on investment of nine months

The additives and flavourings manufacturer Van hees gmbH is delighted with its five HSM baling presses, which are helping the company to avoid transport costs as well as optimise internal processes. The company now find themselves earning money from its waste.

Five years after the initial introduction of the HSM V-Press 860 S at Van hees, “this machine is still running perfectly,” reports Wohlbold. “It has never really given us any problems.” Furthermore it is put to the test since compressing large bags is no easy task. In any case, the material is expansive and the residues are very aggressive: salts, acetate, flavourings, etc. Wohlbold: “Regular maintenance, a deep clean once a year, and on it goes.” Van hees started with one baling press; it now has five HSM V-Press 860s in service. Three in the blending plant, one in the filling plant and one in goods-in/goods-issue for cardboard. There are also two manually operated mobile HSM V-Press 60 baling presses that ensure dispatch remains clean, neat and tidy.

„With the use of the baling presses in the plant, we are producing bales of recycling material which are easy to recycle and will recoup our investment quickly. When market prices are good, we earn money from our waste. Optimised processes are an added extra.”
Marc Wohlbold, Production Project Manager Van hees gmbH

Van hees gmbH operates on three continents, specializing in additives and seasoning blends in meat production. The company employs 400 people.
Van hees gmbH‘s main plant in Walluf/Hessen generates large volumes of plastic and cardboard waste. Waste is transported uncompressed in the company; transport costs are considerable. The process is big and the workload substantial.
Van hees decided to compress waste on site in production and only to transport bales ready for sale on the premises. Since 2012, the company has purchased a total of five vertical HSM V-Press 860 and two HSM V-Press 60 baling presses. The presses process big bags (polypropylene), film, cardboard and paper.
• The vertical baling presses compress waste on site, thus reducing in-house transportation to a fraction of the previous workload. 12,480 lift journeys and the cost to employee a single person to remove the waste have been saved.
• The baling presses cope well with the difficult material for pressing (big bags) and are not compromised by aggressive residual contents, such as salts and flavourings.
• Van hees produces bales of around 400 kilos, which are easy to sell.
• When the raw material prices are good, Van hees earns money from its waste.
• Some of the baling presses have been in service for five years without any breakdown.
• With some recyclable materials, a baling press achieves its ROI after just nine months.
• The new waste recycling methods are also giving rise to some rethinking in other areas of the business (e.g. energy).

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