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17-12-2018  |  1392x
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Simple Emptying of large Refuse Containers

HSM HL 7009 MGB the compact horizontal baling press for industry

The compact horizontal baling press HSM HL 7009 MGB, with a pressing power of 700 kN, is the economical waste disposal solution for industry. It has been designed to empty large refuse containers filled with cardboard or plastic films and which have a capacity of over 1 x 1100 litres or 2 x 240 litres. The baling press is filled using the integrated hydraulic lifting/tilting device which enables a marked reduction in the number of people required to compress the material.

Thanks to the large loading aperture, even bulky pieces of cardboard are not a problem. With a cross-section of 1100 x 1100 mm and a bale length of about 1200 mm, the bales weigh up to 600 kilogrammes. The hydraulic sliding door ensures convenient operation and safety for the operator when the bales are removed. The bales have 4-fold horizontal strapping and, thanks to their optimized dimensions and weights, achieve an optimum truck loading this compact, horizontal counter-plate press is perfectly suited for larger waste disposal tasks and is an economical solution which provides a fast return on investment.

About HSM GmbH + Co. KG:

The product portfolio at HSM environmental technology includes vertical and horizontal filling lid baling presses with a pressing force of 3 to 70 tons, as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic channel baling presses with up to 150 tons of pressing force. Furthermore, various special solutions are produced for the emptying, perforating, crushing and compressing of PET bottles. Powerful machines for shredding large volumes of data, such as document shredders and hard disk shredders, offer an economical complement to the service portfolio of a professional waste disposal company.

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