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15-08-2018  |  1959x
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Sample Carousel

Sample Carousel enhances the Sampling Systems from Dinnissen

Tracking and tracing, combined with product quality, is of the essence in the modern industry. Dinnissen Process Technology designed a solution for customers who need to be 100% sure about their production quality and maintain the level over longer production runs. To validate this they analyse samples taken after process lines such as drying, mixing, milling and sifting.

The Sample Carousel enables validation per batch or process over a longer time, all connected with the right automation and sample procedure. With this innovation it is quite easy to track & trace a production process. All the client has to do is to select the desired frequency, volume and weight of the samples to be taken. The samples are collected in sampling bags or jars and then quickly secured with a tri-clamp accessory, from which they can also be released quickly and easily. Operator deployment is limited to simply collecting the samples when the process is done.

The system can be integrated into new as well as existing production processes in filling lines, silos, transport systems, and mixing and packaging installations. The sampling system is available in several configurations, giving you the choice to have 8 up to 16 samples to be taken automatically, with a wide range of 25 g to 1000 g per sample.

As the automated sampling system was developed in line with current EHEDG criteria, it also ensures compliance with the strict requirements that apply in relation to quality and food safety. The housing is made of solid stainless steel without any internal welds or seams. The easy-to-clean design eliminates the risk of contaminating the flow of products or samples.

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