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14-09-2015  |  4635x
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New High Performance Spill Control Mats

Mats combine durability and high absorbency

Brady Spill Control introduces a new line of high performance spill control mats that combine durability and high absorbency. Developed for high traffic areas in heavy industries, manufacturing, transportation and utilities, Bradyís high performance spill control mats are designed to prevent most industrial liquids from reaching the surface underneath.

Barrier backed spill mats

Bradyís new line of high performance spill mats includes the new Barrier Backed Absorbents for heavy duty. The barrier backing enhances the spill control matís durability and resists tearing in high traffic areas. It also increases the productís absorbency, further reducing the likelihood that any liquid reaches the surface underneath. With a high performance spill mat in place, industries can greatly reduce slips and falls caused by spills on the workfloor. Non-skid technology was used to develop the spill matís barrier backing to further limit slips and falls. For extra safety, the Barrier Backed Absorbents are printed with a safety message to alert co-workers and contractors.

Soiled surface adhesive spill mats

Next to the new Barrier Backed Absorbents, Brady also offers a new adhesive spill control mat. Using a specifically designed adhesive, Bradyís Adhesive Absorbent is very flexible in use and adheres both to clean and soiled surfaces. The absorbent can easily be removed by pulling up its corners and does not leave behind any residue. On top of this, it can be reapplied to another surface, even after absorbing liquids.

Rolls & pads

Bradyís new high performance spill control mats are available on 30 metre rolls, 76 or 38 cm wide. The Barrier Backed Absorbents also come as 38x48 cm pads. Both the high performance absorbent rolls and pads are particularly useful in heavy industry, manufacturing, transportation or utilities facilities with significant foot traffic, numerous tool storage cages or areas with an increased risk for slips and falls.

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