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28-02-2014  |  5628x
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J-Tec designs a combined sieve and magnetic system according to the latest

For over 40 years J-Tec is designing, installing and maintaining complete process installations in as well the chemical and the food industry. This acquired experience brings along the necessary know-how needed to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. However every process challenge requires a customized approach, we dispose of a wide variety of standard developments which we can apply.

Thanks to our numerous references in the food industry we understand that hygiene is a crucial element in every food installation. That is why J-Tec is continually looking for new technologies and innovative solutions in order to exclude any form of contamination.

Whenever it comes to food installations we distinguish 3 different forms of contamination:

*Bacteriological contamination
*Contamination between different products
*Contamination as a result of unwanted objects

In order to avoid this last form of contamination, J-Tec has designed a combined sieve and magnetic system according to the latest hygienic standards. This combined solution can be implemented at as well the inbound as the outbound of a semi-finished products production process. We mainly apply this system in the food industry, but it can also be of great use in several chemical applications.

Product inspections at the inbound and the outbound of the production process are critical control points according to the HACCP system. Because this installation is easily accessible and quickly dismountable these critical points are easy to inspect.

And there is more The stainless steel screen gauze, used in the sieve, is designed in such a way that in case of breakage no particles will find their way into the product flow. In addition, the screen is easily replaceable. A pneumatically controlled pivoting lift makes it possible to remove the lid of the sieve without requesting manpower or the use of tools. These additional features make this solution not only hygienic, but also seriously improve the workability and the ergonomic aspects.

Good to know is that our combined system can be implemented in pneumatic conveying lines in both over and under pressure systems.

In general we can conclude that this solution has following advantages:

*Maximal excluding of contamination
*Perfectly accessible
*Easy to inspect
*Easily replaceable screens thanks to a pneumatically pivoting lift

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