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05-05-2011  |  7469x
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New Multiflux® Mixer GMS C from Gericke

Gericke’s Multiflux® mixer GMS creates with its 2 horizontal, overlapping mixing rotors a fluidized bed. As a mixing process is based on the exchange of the particles in a volume by convection, this principle is very efficient for the energy-saving and product respecting mixing.

The GMS mixer is known as long-lasting and reliable process equipment. In order to complete its existing range, Gericke has made a redesign of the GMS Multiflux mixer that responds to the increasing demand for hygienic execution in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The new model is called GMS C. C stands for cantilevered and refers to the 2 shafts that are cantilevered, offering many advantages. Not only the number of sealing is divided by 2. Due to the construction, the front side of the mixer can be opened entirely. In the high end version, named the GMS ECD, the operator can pull out the complete drive and mixing shafts out of the body. Large lateral doors offer an easy access to the mixing chamber.

The new execution shortens the inspection-, dismantle- and cleaning cycle and increases the value creating production time!
The concept of the shaft sealing is adapted according to the product and process characteristics. A reliable and robust food grade stuffing box is in the basic execution foreseen. In the high end version, a “hypergienic” sealing allows the dismantling without tools and total access to the shafts.

Different applications show that Gericke’s Multiflux® mixers are capable to mix additives and minor components quick and reliably also in concentrations of some per mille. Industrial scaled trials can be carried out in our new with full-scale machines equipped test center.

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