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16-02-2021  |  122x
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High-end, flameproof H-AR350 drop-through valve from TBMA

Safe rotary valve for toxic process gases

TBMA does not shy away from customisation

Titanium dioxide can be produced in several ways. One of the methods uses chlorine gas. This gas is highly aggressive and dangerous to life. A rotary valve for this process must therefore meet extremely high requirements. A challenge for which TBMA has developed a smart and safe solution.

Even stainless steel AISI 316 is not resistant to the yellow-green, very aggressive chlorine gas (Cl2) that is used for the production of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The installation components must therefore be manufactured from an even higher quality material. This also applies to the high-end, flameproof H-AR350 drop-through rotary valve from TBMA in the process. It is made from a very special alloy of (among others) nickel, chrome, molybdenum and niobium. This material has excellent resistance to various corrosive media - including chlorine gas - and is resistant to high pressure.

Pressure chamber

The chlorine gas is not only aggressive but also extremely poisonous. A leak in the process would be life-threatening for the operators. The valve is therefore fitted with extra lantern covers. These enclose the basic covers including bearings, special shaft seals and the coupling on the drive side. The process pressure in the production line is above 2 barg. By applying a pressure within the lantern covers that is more than twice as high, a pressure chamber is created, as it were. In case the seals of the rotor start to leak, the overpressure ensures that no chlorine gas can leak out from the valve. At most, nitrogen leaks into the valve. Nitrogen is inert and does not affect the product, unlike, for example, oxygen.


Any leakage of nitrogen from the pressure chambers to the process is detected with a flow meter. In addition, a nitrogen detection system has been placed in the immediate vicinity of the installation. Leakage of nitrogen from one of the pressure chambers to the outside is thus detected in good time.

Reinforcement ribs

The lantern covers do not come into contact with the chlorine gas and can therefore be made of stainless steel AISI 316. Special reinforcing ribs ensure that the covers can withstand the high pressure. The covers are fitted with inspection hatches on the drive side for easy access to, among other things, the coupling with the drive. Due to the high pressure, the hatches are attached with 8 sturdy bolts. The valve is suitable for product temperatures up to 250 į C.

Critical processes

The special-duty H-AR drop-through valve is also suitable for all critical processes involving toxic gases and high process pressures. The first valves in this version have been operating satisfactorily for twenty years. In recent years, the customer, a major producer in the chemical industry, has ordered the same version a number of times.


TBMA does not shy away from customisation if required by the application and/or production process. The chlorine gas-resistant drop-through rotary valve is a good example of TBMA`s expertise, bringing together more than half a century of experience in bulk material technology, process engineering and the design and construction of rotary valves.

Company information

TBMA Europe BV | TBMA BelgiŽ BvbA
TBMA Europe BV | TBMA BelgiŽ BvbA
Solutions beyond bulk handling TBMA has more than half a century of experience in bulk material technology and process engineering. Our components and systems for the processing of dry, solid substances can be found in process installations all over the world. We specialize in the design and supply of components and pneumatic transport systems for the processing of dry bulk goods. Our extensive range of high-quality equipment is suitable for handling powders and granules in the food, dairy, animal feed, chemical and mineral industries and in value added logistics. Our product overview includes solutions for dosing, storage, big-bag filling or unloading, bag emptying, pneumatic or mechanical transport, mixing, weighing, sampling, etc., suitable for demanding, hygienic and/or heavy, industrial applications. Our specialty lies primarily in creating solutions for the transport of powders and granulates before, during and after processing processes. With innovative, creative and sustainable components and systems, we strive for processes that are well manageable and clean. Efficient, safe and less stressful systems ensure a safe working environment, energy saving and the reduction of environmentally harmful processes. Moreover, we take care of the design and implementation of complete projects, whereby we offer you an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for your process. In addition, we are known for our experience in the field of automation and mechanization of complete installations. With our many years of practical experience in combination with inventiveness and flexibility we can offer you sustainable solutions for an optimal reliable, profitable and high-quality production process. In our own test room we can also test the proposed technical solution for your product in advance.
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