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12-10-2020  |  297x
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Titan lined diverter handling dolomitic limestone rock

Highly abrasive application with dolomitic limestone rock

This hydraulically actuated Vortex Titan-Lined Diverter features a 2690mm x 405mm transition that feeds dolomitic limestone rock to a 1220 mm x 405 mm diverter inlet and two 915mm x 405 mm outlets.

Material contact areas (3 sides) contain replaceable abrasion-resistant steel liners (400 BHN).

An “A-style” AR blade covers and protects the blade shaft from wear and abrasion.

Two inspection ports are mounted on the inlet transition and the diverter internals are accessible through a removable cover on the actuator side.

The diverter will be mounted, tilted at a 37-degree slope (actuator side up), to become part of a chute. Lifting lugs have been added to assist with the installation.

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