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03-09-2020  |  737x
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Are you new to the Bulk Solids Handling industry?

Fundamental short courses for the process engineer

If you are new to the world of bulk solids handling technology, or are looking to update your knowledge, these 2 courses could be of benefit, as they lead you through the basics of the many different issues facing process engineers working with powders and particulate materials.

Each course will be delivered in English on-line over a series of 5 afternoon sessions.

19 – 23 October: Overview of Particulate Handling Technology; an introduction to the storing and handling of bulk materials, equipment selection and design methodologies for safe and reliable plant.

Subjects covered include: storage and handling of bulk materials / hopper and silo design / feeder interfaces / discharge aids / sampling / characterisation techniques / dust control / separation and caking of bulk materials / methods of conveying – pneumatically, screw and belt.

16 – 20 November: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials; components of pneumatic conveying systems, selection and design techniques

Subjects covered include: dilute and dense phase conveying / Selecting the correct hardware for your application / Matching appropriate feeders to pneumatic systems / Dust control methodology / Practical design considerations / Elimination of explosion hazards / Positive and negative pressure systems

During each course common operational problems encountered will be discussed, with possible solutions explored.

Advanced and specialised courses are also available for those with more experience or those who may wish to delve deeper into the subject area.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and returning delegates

Bespoke In-house courses can also be delivered at a time to suit operational needs, either on site (guidelines permitting) or on-line.

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