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Product description
14-03-2019  |  1773x
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Homogenising blends of solid matters and solvents

Electrically tilting MIXOMAT C drum blender manufactured by FUCHS Maschinen AG

The firm LORD is a growing American private company and a global market and technology leader in the fields of adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion management devices as well as of magnetically sensing technologies. For over 90 years, LORD has provided innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry, the aerospace, the defence and automotive sectors as well as for the industry in general. Its technical know-how is the result of decades of experience and expertise in engineering and science.

In 2006 the company LORD Germany GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of the LORD Corporation to develop, produce and market rubber-to-metal adhesives. These structural adhesives are used for bonding effectively different materials and to distribute mechanical loads and vibrational forces in an optimum manner.

Since 2015 this innovative company uses electrically tilting Mixomat c-SE drum blenders from FUCHS Maschinen AG for homogenising solid matters and solvents. The Mixomat c-SE drums are used in LORDís production process to blend raw materials characterised by an extremely solid deposit. FUCHS is glad to announce the integration of another two electrically tilting drum blenders in the production process of the company. In the meantime, a total of 8 electrically tilting Mixomat c-SE drum blenders are being used in LORDís four-shift operation, blending a total of 2800 one-way steel drums of 200 litres per year.

The operating principle is very simple: the drum, placed on a pallet or on a drum transport device, is moved to the blender. After a simple docking to the machine drum holder, the housing and the holder including the drum can be raised by pressing a button. The blend-ing process can now be started. The blending drum filled to a maximum of 70 % of its volume can now be rotated around its own axes during a preselected time of 5 to 10 minutes. Because the blending drum is mounted at an inclined position on the drum holder, the blending effect is three-dimensional.
The question, why LORD decided to use Mixomat c-SE blenders can be easily and directly answered: ĒThe handling and the operation of Mixomat c-SE blenders are ideal for our applicationsĒ says LORDís responsible operating technician Robert Valentin. Mixomat blenders have the additional advantage of being extremely user-friendly and easy to handle. A major role is also played by security, as the machine can only be put into service combined with accident-preventing guards complying with the EC machine directives, in this case with a photoelectric barrier for four machines.

Another important feature of the electrically tilting wobbling blender manufactured by FUCHS is its minimal and therefore very cost-effective maintenance and servicing.

LORD uses the Mixomat c-SE blender version with an electrical control integrated in the blender housing including a main and an emergency switch and a colour 4Ē touch screen. The blender is controlled by a PLC (Siemens S7-1200) with the following basic functions: lifting/lowering the blender drum, setting the blending time and speed, programming recipes as well as slow clockwise and anti-clockwise turning of the drum. The blender is driven by a built-in 1,5 kW geared motor. The robust blender housing is made in powder coated stainless steel.


One thing is absolutely certain for LORDís responsible operating technician: Should addi-tional blenders be required, only electrically tilting Mixomat c-SE type blenders would be considered. These blenders are optimally suited for use in LORDís processes, as they re-quire little maintenance and servicing when in non-stop operation.

Further drum mixers from Fuchs Maschinen AG:MIXOMAT mini (0.2 to 2.0 litres) and Mixomat a (3 to 25 litres) for use in the laboratory and Mixomat b, the standard vision, for containers of 30 to 400 litres.

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