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Product description
14-06-2018  |  2167x
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Presses and Shredders from One Source

Channel baling press, document shredders and hard disc shredder

Schmitt Recycling in Fulda is based entirely on HSM. The proprietor, Wolfgang Schmitt, values the high performance and reliability of the HSM machines. The modern machine park helps him against major competitors.

It is a bit like Asterix: Schmitt Recycling in Fulda is a smaller medium-sized waste disposal business with approximately 35 employees. He is surrounded by two competitors with an international background. The family-run recycling material company must therefore assert itself against strong competition. It achieves this on the one hand with with a strong emphasis on personal contact with the customer and, on the other hand, with an infrastructure, which focuses on performance and efficiency. The proprietor, Wolfgang Schmitt, bases this strategy entirely on HSM. In total, there are now three machines from HSM located on the 15,000 square metre business premises in the Fulda suburb Besges. From the “HSM Powerline HDS 230“ hard disc shredder through the “DuoShredder 6060“ document shredder to a “VK 12018 RFU“, the second largest channel baling press from the HSM range. “HSM is the only supplier who provides the entire spectrum for a recycling operation, which we find to be a major advantage“, Wolfgang Schmitt says. “We receive everything from one source.“

”HSM is the only supplier who provides the entire spectrum of ‘shredders and crushers‘ for a recycling operation.“
Wolfgang Schmitt, Owner Schmitt Recycling und Entsorgung GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda

The facts:


Schmitt Recycling is a regionally active waste disposal company with 35 employees. In the paper sector, Schmitt Recycling presses and recycles around 36 000 tonnes each year.


Schmitt Recycling was using machines, too small for the job, to shred files and had an older channel baling press which was starting to have more downtime which costs money.


Schmitt Recycling nowadays uses the HSM channel baling press, “VK 12018 RFU“, the document shredder “DuoShredder 6060“ and the hard disc shredder, “HSM Powerline HDS 230“. All the important machines in the company come from HSM.

* All machines “from one source“
* Channel baling press: performance increase by 50 percent, larger bale dimensions and higher bale weight, hence optimised logistics
* Baling press has a good cleaning mode
* Document shredder: shreds documents, including files, has high capacity and high security thanks to small particle size
* Hard disc shredder: makes data actually unreadable, creates new business field

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