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Barrel press HSM FP 3000

A robust and reliable disposal solution

With the HSM FP 3000 barrel press, HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the Frickingen manufacturer of baling presses, PET solutions and document shredders, offers a robust and reliable disposal solution for pressing empty, lightweight sheet or roller-type barrels, canisters and plastic containers.
The barrel press is easily operated by hand. The material to be pressed is placed in the press and pressed down by the pressing plate with a pressing force of 270 kN and pressed together. The press plate that is mounted in rolls is provided with mandrels and is used for opening and venting the barrel. Any escaping residual liquid is collected in the integrated bottom tray.

Optimum operator safety is ensured by the microprocessor control, the membrane keypad with LED display and the closed design with viewing window, which simultaneously prevents dirt from developing. Thanks to the automatic return stroke of the press plate to the starting position once the pressing time has expired, as well as the short cycle times, the barrel press saves time as well as operating and personnel costs.

Due to the sturdily welded frame construction, the HSM FP 3000 can be used both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to its low installation height and area, it only needs a small amount of space. Equipped with a low-maintenance and durable electro-hydraulic drive, up to 50 barrels per hour can be pressed. As an option, the barrel press can be delivered in an explosion-proof construction according to EX II Gcb IIBT3.