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Webinar Metal Injection Moulding & Additive Manufacturing

Do you manufacture parts using Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) or Additive Manufacturing (AM)? Then you might be interested in joining our webinar which will give you a complete overview of Metal Injection Moulding and a short outlook on Additive Manufacturing.

The topics in particular include:

- Overview of the different manufacturing processes (MIM & AM)
- The MIM Process
- Outlook Additive Manufacturing
- Heat treatment of the formed parts (solutions by Carbolite Gero)
- World market for MIM

Both during and after the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. These will be answered directly after the presentation.


- Mirjam Stein (Dipl. Ing. Material Science)
- Dr. Timm Ohnweiler (Dipl. Phys.)


There will be two sessions with identical content on Thursday, 24 January 2019:
- Session I: 10 am CET (Central European Time)
- Session II: 5 pm CET (Central European Time)
You will be able to see your local time in the registration form.

Webinar language: English