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Dinnissen introduces Dry Cleaning in Place

for air-based quick, efficient and hygienic cleaning of mixing systems

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed the fully automatic air-based Dry Cleaning in Place concept. The new method allows companies to clean their mixing and transport systems quickly, efficiently and hygienically. Weighing bunkers, mixers and storage bunkers are blow-cleaned, removing 99.9% of any residual materials. The system is especially suitable for companies in the feed, food and chemical industries. It allows them to benefit by reducing labour costs, minimizing downtime when switching from one product to another, preventing the loss of raw materials, and eliminating clumping, sticking/caking (contamination) and growth of microorganisms.

Fully automatic cleaning system based on dry air

Companies that wish to clean their mixing system after a product switch often do so manually using traditional cleaning techniques such as water, cleaning agents, and knocking or sweeping away residual materials. This is very labour-intensive and not always effective enough. The Dry Cleaning in Place concept cleans mixing systems fully automatically using powerful air pulses and an interval timer. To realize this, Dinnissen uses cylinders of compressed air and special nozzles installed at critical locations in the mixing system. The blow-cleaning process proceeds step-by-step and is controlled by an interval timer, which ensures that the cleaning programme is carried out correctly.
The blow-cleaning starts from inside the weighing bunker and proceeds to clean every component in the mixer and storage bunker with the help of compressed air pulses going from front to back (or from top to bottom). After it has been cleaned, each compartment is automatically closed off with cut-off valves to prevent any particles from being transported back to the cleaned areas. An efficient suction system transports dirt and other particles that are blown off to a hermetically closed section. This guarantees a cleaning level of 99.9% for the mixing system and its surroundings.