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New anti-wear elbows 125mm ExtrabendŽ and ExtracurveŽ from WAM

Innovative and durable

WAM is active in the bulkhandling sector for nearly 50 years. In this period different products graduately added to their program which directly gained an advantage in terms of innovation.

Two of those products are the short radius elbow ExtrabendŽ and the long radius elbow ExtracurveŽ which were already available in diameters of 50, 80 and 100mm but recently also in a new diameter 125mm.

The ExtrabendŽ and the ExtracurveŽ are manufactured from SINT engineering polymer. While the composition of the material is from our own development, both the elbows are also manufactured in our own production facility. This SINT polymer material is extremely fit for processing powder and granules with abrasive properties.

One first big advantage over metal elbows is the flexibility and the adaptability and it will make positioning of the elbow much easier while the durability improve.The technic in combination with the material will extend the life of the elbows significantly in comparison to metal elbows, but we also have feedback from operators and mechanics which tell us that the weight and the installation is a big plus, certainly on places with small spaces to move.

Extra information is available at WAM Holland.

The features:

- Diameters 50, 80 of 100mm en 125mm
- Antistatic, and higher resistance to wear
- PN flanges in two parts (easy to assemble)
- Low cost installation
- Low noise level and low weight