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New quickly cleanable rotary valve “Easy Clean”
New quickly cleanable rotary valve “Easy Clean”
Many of you know this problem. Again and again your rotary valve has to be fully dismounted and cleaned, because a new medium has to be processed and you want to prevent contamination of your product flow. Easy clean rotary valve To avoid this annoying and often costly task, VDL has developed a new, quick-disassembly version of its well-known HT-S rotary valve. This HT-S Easy Clean valve combines the qualities of the HT-S with a high level of efficiency in cleaning because the rotor can be removed and repositioned in an easy manner, without tools. Safe cleaning The HT-S Easy Clean is equipped with a slide rail system with extremely accurate bearings. After releasing a couple of hand-operated knobs, the rotor slides out along this rail-system. A safety switch ensures disconnection of the drive, which stays in place. Quick-(dis)assembly You have finished cleaning? A simple pushing back of the rotor and retightening of the knobs finishes the job and makes your HT-S
25-11-2020  |  051x  |  Product news  | 
Gentle screening meets clever handling
Gentle screening meets clever handling
Regardless of whether you are mixing, conveying or dosing – when it comes to handling fragile bulk solids, sensitivity is required. This particularly applies to screening machines, as the back and forth movement on the screen surface places a relatively high mechanical stress on the screening product. If this aspect is not taken into consideration when choosing and designing your screening machine, it can lead to an unwanted breakdown of grains which then results in an increased number of over- and undersized particles in the product, causing it to be no longer fit for purpose. A screening process that is gentle to the product is therefore a decisive criteria for many facility operators when it comes to choosing the right screening machine. An additional issue that screening machine suppliers have to face – aside from ensuring the quality of the screening product – is the demand for a machine handling that is a simple as possible. This requirement is commonly put in
19-11-2020  |  119x  |  Product news  | 
Silo for brewery in France
Silo for brewery in France
M.I.P. recently delivered a silo in composite for a brewery in the southwest of France. The brewery will use the silo for the storage of malt. The silo has a diameter of 2800 mm and a capacity of 50m³ and is equipped with a filter, a level measurement, explosion panels and weighing cells. No condensation M.I.P. is specialized in the construction of composite silos with high thermal insulation. This makes our silos insensitive to condensation. They are ideal for the storage of raw materials for beer. Moreover, thanks to the high-tech production process, M.I.P. is able to build seamless one-piece silos with extremely smooth internal walls.
18-11-2020  |  101x  |  Industry news  | 
Multiport flex tube diverter to handle flour
Multiport flex tube diverter to handle flour
A Vortex client produces various types of flour that need to be conveyed throughout the bakery, but with no cross-contamination. In this application, a Vortex Multiport Flex Tube Diverter was designed with (2) Two-Way Vortex Flex Tube Diverters and (2) Three-Way Vortex Flex Tube Diverters to pneumatically convey flour from four origins to six destinations. The Multiport configuration is actuated using a double acting air cylinder. The Flex Tube design ensures there is no cross-contamination between the differing grades, or batches, of flour. All material contact areas of the Flex Tube Diverter are constructed from aluminium or rubber. The 130mm hose is constructed from rubber approved by the food industry. Each diverter features a viewing window and a removeable access panel. The Multiport Diverter is rated for continuous service in 82° C.
17-11-2020  |  132x  |  Product news  |   | 
Tablet coater for sports nutricion and nutricional supplements Cost-efficient LC light tablet coater by Lödige Process Technology, developed for companies producing sports nutricion or nutricional supplements
Tablet coater for sports nutricion and nutricional supplements
Cost-efficient LC light tablet coater by Lödige Process Technology, developed for companies producing sports nutricion or nutricional supplements Lödige Process Technology presents an entirely new model range of tablet coaters: The LC light series, which is characterized by its standardized design. These newly developed, standard models are the perfect solution for customers in the food industry or companies specialized in the production of nutritional supplements, sports nutrition or generic medicinal products. The TC Light Lödige coater range is positioned next to the existing LC series which is well appreciated. 5 benefits of LC series * High degree of filling level variability without drum replacement, due to the extremely low height of the mixing elements. * Even coating and short process times due the high number of mixing elements and nozzles. * High drying effectiveness due to the even air distribution throughout the entire drum length. * Optimized air routing, which prevents spray drying, increases service life for campaign production and reduces the cleaning workload. * Sophisticated cleaning system
17-11-2020  |  120x  |  Product news  | 
Expansion Sleeve assortment Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren Now also available with stainless and galvanised steel flanges
Expansion Sleeve assortment Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren
Now also available with stainless and galvanised steel flanges In addition to flexible connections with aluminium flanges, Euro Manchetten & Compensators now also supplies sleeves with galvanized steel and stainless steel flanges. Dutch and German market The sleeves have been introduced, because there is an increasing demand for steel flanges in the Netherlands and standard versions that connect better to the German market. In addition, the sleeves are more in line with the profiles that are used to make air ducts. On top of that; these versions have a higher airtightness than the sleeves with aluminum profiles. Produced in the Netherlands By adding special sawing and drilling machines for metal and stainless steel to our collection of machinery and production techniques, we also produce these products locally; in Kaatsheuvel. Versions and specifications * The cuffs comply with airtightness class LUKA C or DIN EN 13180: 2002 class C. * Available in fire class DIN 4102-B1 and B2. * The flexible connections are available in
17-11-2020  |  224x  |  Product news  | 
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