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09-08-2019  |  437x
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Poeth round ATEX Dust Filters for high capacities

Cost effective in due to smart design

Many suppliers of standard hose filters provide filters up to 1000 mm in diameter and around 25 m2 of filter surface, which means that more filters are required for larger capacities. This requires a higher investment in peripheral equipment but also in required installation space.

By using a larger length of filter hoses (also called sleeves) i.c.m. special filter cleaning, it is possible to achieve a high suction capacity with a small diameter of filter housing. Thanks to an innovative design, it can even be used for fatty and / or sticky powders
In addition, the hose filter, in contrast to a folder filter, is suitable for 50% higher screen loads. Filter hoses have a better "release" effect than filter folders.

Poeth hose filters can be supplied up to a diameter of 3100 mm and a capacity of up to 60,000 m3 / hour depending on product and application.
The filter hoses and gaskets can be supplied with FDA and / or EC1935 / 2004 certificates.
The housing of the hose filter is cylindrical, and with this it can also be carried out in a simpler manner, and provided with various materials and options such as:

* RVS304 (possibly with 3.1B material certificates)
* RVS316L (possibly with 3.1B material certificates)
* Hardox (durable)
* Steel
* Insulated and / or tracing (avoiding condensation)
* Breaking plate and / or explosion flame extinguisher

To save height, a rotating supporting bottom can be provided on the underside, so that the height of the funnel will be eliminated.
The unit is also extremely suitable for use as a central vacuum cleaner system due to its high under-pressure resistance.
A filter can be supplied as a separate unit, but also as a total package with pipework etc.

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