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22-05-2019  |  808x
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Dinnissen helps GA Pet Food Ingredients Kitchen

to achieve new premium production standards

Golden Acres Pet Food Partners (Lancashire, England) realised a large prestigious project on its premises.

Ingredients Kitchen sets new standards
GA Pet Food Partners (Lancashire, England) is one of Europe's largest pet food producers. It only produces private label brands which are exported to more than 40 countries throughout the world.

CEO Roger Bracewell of GA Pet Food Partners had, together with his management team, a vision. The idea was to produce a new excellent line of dry pet food products for the top of the market. To achieve this, a special 26-metre-high production plant has been built called ‘Ingredients Kitchen’ that will set a new standard for pet food. It concerns premium solutions, where no less than 800 different pet food formulas with different ingredients must be processed on the same lines … at the ‘premium’ level. And because for premium products, in many cases, premium machines are required, the search was on for the world’s best machine manufacturers.

Teamwork from the individual disciplines
Bracewell did not believe that there was a single total contractor in the market that had all of the technical and engineering disciplines under one roof that could offer the best possible solution for any situation. Therefore, for every part of the installation, individual parties were searched for, each specialised in their own discipline, with a view of letting them all work together as a team. “Only then will you be able to find and work out the best ideas”, was the vision.

During the search to find such specialist companies, Dinnissen quickly came into the picture. The fact that they had devised numerous innovative engineering solutions reinforced the impression that Dinnissen’s professionalism could guarantee the highest expectations in the areas of volume, accuracy and production security.

Why Dinnissen?
Since 1948, Dinnissen Process Technology has been developing machines, complete processes and customised solutions for the food, feed, pet food and chemical industries. The focus mainly lies on the efficient handling and processing of powders, granulates and pellets.

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