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11-04-2016  |  3804x
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Troubleshooting Pneumatic Conveying System problems

10 – 12 May 2016 or 22 – 24 November 2016

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology is hosting a 3 day course designed for process engineers who need advice on
* operational difficulties experienced with their pneumatic conveying systems,
* methods of improving its performance
* design techniques
* minimising dust explosions
amongst other equally important topics.

Day 3 is an optional practical session in the on-site laboratories, where a demonstration of the test rigs will be made available.

If you are a plant designer, plant manager or work in maintenance, this course will improve your ability to deal with the design and troubleshooting of plants.

You’ll also benefit if you are from operational staff or senior management through a better understanding of what can go wrong and how to make your plant as efficient and trouble-free as possible. The course is ideal for those new to materials handling, those who require an update on the subject, or those who need a working knowledge of a wide variety of materials handling technologies.

This course is held twice a year at the Medway campus in Kent, or can be brought to your company for a larger number of delegates.

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